Best Dog Grooming Tool - A Great Gift for a Pet Owner

Now, here's a gift that a pet owner will love. It's the new, improved FURminator, the de-shedding tool that's absolutely amazing. It's a must-have grooming tool for a dog owner, especially if the dog is a breed with shedding problems, such as my Labrador retriever Daisy, German shepherds, huskies, and more (you know one if you have one).

The FURminator is more than just a dog brush. It works on both long and short-haired dogs by grabbing and removing loose and undercoat hair. The customer reviews of both the original and now the new FURminator with FURejector button are excellent. We own the original FURminator and it works great on Daisy, gently pulling out unbelievable amounts of undercoat and leaving her coat shiny and gorgeous. She loves it, too, as most dogs do. When I heard about the FURejector button on the improved version of the tool I was skeptical, but comments by satisfied customers have convinced me that an upgrade is in order. Besides the button that ejects the fur (which by all accounts works well and truly is a convenience) the handle has a different, more comfortable design that dog owners and groomers really like.

The FURminator can reduce your pet's shedding by up to 90 percent, a huge help to those with allergies and those who dislike sweeping up piles of hair every day (raising my hand here). When we brush Daisy with the FURminator on a regular basis, it's very easy to tell a difference in the amount of hair that is shed in the house (she's an indoor dog). Besides, it makes her feel good and look extra pretty.

The FURminator is available in three sizes and is also available for cats.

See the new FURminator with FURejector and read customer reviews here.
Check availability of the original FURminator (still a good tool) here.
See the FURminator for cats here.

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely love the furminator, between a golden lab and a long haired cat, this brush is a miracle :)
    I've given it away as gifts because it's just that much better then other brushes out there.

    I hadn't heard about the updated one tho. Its time for an update!


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