Shish-Kebab Skewers for the Grill

Summer's a great time for grilling, and grilled shish-kabobs are a fun and delicious meal to serve to family or to company. Besides the meat and veggies, you'll need a good set of skewers. We like these unusual but very functional Fire Wire Stainless Steel Flexible Grilling Skewers.

The Fire Wire skewers are long, so they'll hold plenty of food. They're also flexible, so they'll conform to the shape of your grill. Another feature satisfied customers like is the fact that the ends of the skewers hang out over the sides of the grill, staying cool enough to turn with your bare hands. One happy customer posted a video review with a demonstration. Look for it here among all the great 5-star reviews.

Another nice feature for those who like to prepare food ahead of time is that you can put the meat and vegetables on the skewers and then put them in the marinade. Since the skewers are flexible, it's easy to fit them into a bowl or a bag with the marinade. After your company has arrived and the grill is ready, simply lift the kabobs out of the marinade and place them on the grill.

Fire Wire skewers are available in a set of two, so you'll likely want to order a couple or more sets. We think this top-rated skewer set is a bargain and would make a wonderful gift for your favorite king or queen of the grill.

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