Need a New American Flag?

Independence Day is coming up soon in the United States. Do you have an American flag to fly? Need a new one? Unfortunately, too often we see flags flying that are tattered and torn and need to be replaced. A new, quality-made American flag would make a nice 4th of July gift for yourself or, perhaps, for a new homeowner.

This nylon American flag is 3x5 feet with embroidered stars and stripes. It's also American made, well stitched with embroidered stars. The customer reviews are outstanding. The price is outstanding as well, especially considering the quality of the stitching. If you already have a pole and bracket, this is all you'll need.

If you need a flagpole and mounting bracket, satisfied customers recommend this tangle-proof, spinning flagpole made from heavy-duty aircraft grade aluminum with its rugged white cast aluminum adjustable bracket. It's attractive and the flag always displays perfectly rather than wrapping around the pole. Perfect for the 4th of July and every other day that you show your patriotism and American pride by displaying the flag of the United States of America.

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American Made nylon US Flag 3X5 ft with Embroidered Stars

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