Mickey and Minnie Mouse Gift Ideas For Women

It's A Mickey and Minnie Mouse Love Story!

Whether you are shopping for Christmas time or for Valentine's Day, which will be here sooner than you might think, you might enjoy these brilliant gift ideas for the female Mickey and Minnie Mouse fans in your life.

I had NO idea that the Bradford Exchange made such a wonderful and practical collection of Mickey and Minnie Mouse-themed items.

I accidentally 'tripped' across the Caught in the Moment shoes as shown above, which feature sepia-toned artwork with Mickey and Minnie together in a photo booth immediately after Minnie dares to steal a kiss. They are licensed, as are all of the products on this page, by Disney and the shoes feature original illustrations from Trevor Carlton.

When I went looking for more information about the shoes, I found these other wonderful Disney items from the Bradford Exchange.

The watch is a tribute to the Mickey Mouse of the year 1933.

The bag features a patchwork look and is called the Disney Patches of Love Handbag.

Finally is the hoodie as shown below, which celebrates the love story of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Any of these gifts would be a TOP-RATED GIFT idea for fans of Mickey and Minnie Mouse! You can find them all on Amazon by clicking right here.


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Toy Story That Time Forgot Talking Battlesaurs Action Figures

With the release of the new television special Toy Story That Time Forgot on television last week comes of course some interesting new toy options.

Shown here are Thinkway Toys' Battlesaurs Talking Woody and Buzz Lightyear action figures.   With Woody at 16 inches and Buzz at 12 inches tall, they are generously sized action figures. You might even call them dolls I suppose unless of course you are giving them to little boys.

Each of them has fifteen different phrases that he will say when you press a button on his chest.

You can check them out for yourself on this video unboxing of the toys brought to you from pixarpost.com:

Buzz and Woody are recommended for children aged 4 and up and I am sure that any little boy who loves Toy Story would love to receive them at Christmastime. However, don't discount any of the 'boys' who grew up with Buzz, Woody and the Toy Story gang.

I know very well at least one boy aged 21 and another aged 23 who would love to own this new version of a much beloved movie character.  It is worth noting that fans are still buying the old talking versions of Buzz and Woody that Thinkway toys made in the 1990s because they remember them from when they were young.  Sometimes they are buying them for themselves and other times they are buying them for a child in their life.  There is no question in my mind that Toy Story will be a fond memory to that generation forever, which makes these toys a TOP-RATED GIFT choice for both children and adults.

What do you think?

To Infinity and Beyond!

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Disney's Frozen Elsa Swarovski Figurine

Have you seen this Frozen Elsa Let It Go figurine? It features 18 Swarovski crystals, shimmering crystalline snowflakes and hand applied silvery glitter and it is truly a stunning piece. It is an officially licensed Disney product from the Bradford Exchange and I am sure that it would really make her eyes light up if she received it under the Christmas tree this year.

It is a Limited Edition piece though we do not know exactly how many will be made. The Bradford Exchange says simply that it will be made for 95 days.   It will be hand numbered and it will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

It if follows the fate of the Limited Edition dresses that the Disney Store sold, this is bound to become a sought-after collectors item.  As you likely know, that did not happen with many of the Bradford Exchange's collector plates that were issued many years ago so do not buy this item just because it might appreciate in value because there is always the chance that it will not. Instead, buy this figurine because it is a beautiful souvenir of a wonderful Disney movie that will no doubt become a classic.

I think that it is definitely not a gift idea for a young child, unless you are going to be placing it well out of reach.  Instead, I think it is a great gift idea for a more mature fan of Frozen be that an older pre-teen or teen girl or someone who is young at heart!

Truly a TOP-RATED GIFT, unusual and somewhat unique, for Frozen fans. You can find Elsa on Amazon by clicking here or on eBay by clicking here.

Happy Shopping!

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Book Cover for your iPhone

I have a bad case of the I wants.

I want, want, want this BookBook cover for my iPhone.

It's just so darn clever and so attractive.

It is made of leather and designed to look like a real leather book, adding a little bit of increased security to your iPhone.

If you don't need a fistful of cards and dollar bills, it also eliminates the need to carry a wallet and a phone.

It's available for the iPhone 4/4S and for the iPhone 5/5S although the one shown here is for the iPhone 4/4S.

You can see it in action here:


If you are shopping for this BookBook cover for your phone, make an informed purchase by reading the Amazon customer reviews carefully and being aware of counterfeit products.

The book cover shown here and in the video is highly recommended and is available on Amazon directly from Twelve South by clicking right here. You will also find this cover for the iPhone 5/5S and 6/6S by scrolling down on that link.

I think it would make a TOP-RATED GIFT IDEA for the iPhone carrier in your family!


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Sandra Boynton Frog's Trouble

SPOILER ALERT: It is impossible to discuss this beautifully done music video without giving away the secret. If you're concerned, skip right away to the video though to be totally honest you will know what is coming almost right away in the video.

I just discovered Sandra Boynton's recent country music release, her fifth CD, called Frog Trouble and Eleven Other Pretty Serious Songs For Ages One to Older Than Dirt.

Actually, I should say I just discovered the accompanying music video by Alison Krauss for the song from the album End of a Summer Storm.

As I said before, you can see what happens coming in the video but even so, as the mom of children who treasured their stuffed animals, my heart went out to the little boy in this sweet video.

Watch for yourself here:

And then order the music CD for yourself and your children from Amazon by clicking right here. The CD features songs written by Sandra Boynton and performed by artists including Ms. Krauss, Dwight Yoakam, Fountains of Wayne, Mark Lanegan, Kacey Musgraves, Ryan Adams, Ben Folds, Brad Paisley, Josh Turner, Darius Rucker, Linda Eder, and Falls Mountain Cowboys.

If you are shopping for a young child, this Frog's Trouble CD sounds like a TOP-RATED GIFT IDEA for sure!


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