A Dinosaur T Shirt for your Dinosaur Fan

Little kids LOVE dinosaurs! When my kids were little they devoured dinosaur books and had a lot of dinosaur toys. They would have loved a dinosaur pet if that had been possible. Since it wasn't, they had to settle for dinosaur t shirts and dinosaur toys. Make your dinosaur lover happy and get them a new dinosaur t-shirt. I like this dinosaur shirt because the dinosaur bones start out on the front and wrap around to the back. The big long neck is on the front and the back half of the dinosaur is on the back.

Sauropod (Long-Neck) Dinosaur T-Shirt shirt
Sauropod (Long-Neck) Dinosaur T-Shirt by opentheshutter
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This is a great shirt for Tyrannosaurus fans.

T-rex! shirt
T-rex! by jerrylofaro
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A cute dinosaur t shirt for your T-Rex fan!

Infant T-Shirt shirt
Infant T-Shirt by PaulStickland
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This is the book that started the dinosaur craze at our house. It is a wonderful, simple, colorful book for young children. It is a great companion gift to go with a dinosaur t shirt.

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs

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  1. Thanks. Now this will be one of the possible gifts for my boy. He is totally into dinosaurs!


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