New Decoupage: Transforming Your Home with Paper, Glue, and Scissors by Durwin Rice

New Decoupage

Decoupage is pretty fun. It’s fun to look for just the right images and colors and fit them all together. I made a couple of pieces as gifts and one for myself and I enjoyed doing it, but I did not know about this book at the time and I didn’t have any instructions. I just dove into the project and didn’t know the right kind of glue and if my project needed a sealant. Durwin Rice is the acknowledged expert on the art of decoupage. He leaves behind the tedious methods of Victorian decoupage and brings the art into the present, making it fun and easy. I own his book now and when I do another decoupage project, I will know exactly what to do. With decoupage you can make a beautiful work of art for your home for not very much money. I love hearts and cherries so I incorporated both into the decoupage piece I made for my home.

Decoupage Heart Box

New Decoupage: Transforming Your Home with Paper, Glue, and ScissorsNew Decoupage
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