Let's Play Boochie!

Boochie, A Whole New Ball Game

One of the most exciting and fun new games available for the family is Boochie!  You can play Boochie in your yard, at the park or at the beach.  Or take it to with you to family reunions or visits with other families.  A unique 12-sided rolling target, wrist trackers and tons of different challenges make Boochie the game for everyone to enjoy this year. The Boochie Game is a super gift for an active family who loves to play games together.  

How to Play Boochie

  Throw the soft foam Boochie target.  Then try to land your ball and hoop as close to it as possible. Keep score on a special wrist tracker. The player with the most points win. Gamewright. Appropriate for ages: 8-12 ----but don't be surprised if younger and older folks want to join in the fun too!   Boochie is a great family or neighborhood game!

1 comment:

  1. This game sounds like so much fun. We loved playing outside games when the guys were younger...poops em' out for bedtime :)


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