Shopping for Gifts for Book Lovers? Choose the Peeramid Bookrest

Looking for gifts for the book lovers on your list?  The Peeramid pyramid-shaped bookrest is a great reading accessory that makes a terrific gift for a reader.  Satisfied customers love it to support their lightweight books while they read.  No more cramping of the hands when you hold a book open for long periods of time!  It's easy to rest the Peeramid in your lap whether sitting in a chair, sitting at a table, or propped up in bed.

Customers give this top ratings for smaller or thinner books; it isn't really designed for text books or coffee table-sized or other large books.  Many reviewers also use the Peeramid book rest for their Kindle or iPad - what a great ereader accessory!

The Peeramid is available in multiple colors and prints and sells for less than $30 including shipping.  Choose a different color for each of the book lovers on your list!  See the entire selection of Peeramid book rests here.

Sock Octopus, Plush Octopus Toy with 4 Pairs of Girls Socks

Sock Octopus for Girls
Octopus Plush Toy with Girl's Socks

This adorable stuffed octopus is wearing little girls socks on each of her eight legs. That means four pairs of fun baby socks for girls AND a stuffed octopus toy. The octopus plush toy is a delicate pastel pink with white polka dots, and has a rattle in her head. Made of polyester, it can be wiped with a damp cloth.

The socks, which are a cotton-poly blend, fit sizes 0 to 6, and can be machine washed and dried. These cute infant girl socks come in the colors of pink, purple, red, white, and green. If you will be needing a new born baby girl gift, the Sock Octopus is fun and practical.

Click here to purchase the Sock Octopus

Convenient Kapten Personal GPS Voice Navigator

Kapten Personal GPS Voice Navigator

Walking, cycling, or riding, you will always know the best way to your destination. And this GPS talks, too! You can even add your own thoughts about a particular location. Imagine hiking in the mountains or trying to find your way in a new city - and dictating notes as you go. This technology is a dream come true!

The Kapten also allows the user to listen to radio or MP3s. And with Bluetooth techology included, the user can even make and receive telephone calls.

All of this in one small package - the Kapten is only 2.9 x 1.7 x 0.5 inches. And it comes with a carrying case. Click the picture for more information about this great new product!

Gourmet Dessert Gifts

Sweet Street Carrot Cake

Sweet Street Desserts has been supplying some of the finest gourmet desserts to the restaurant industry since 1979 and now this top-rated food service company has opened its doors to the general public.

You can shop online at Sweet Street Desserts for delicious gourmet dessert gifts including cupcakes, cheesecake, their world famous Four High Carrot Cake, gourmet cakes, pies and even pipeable mousse. With over 100 luscious items to choose from you're sure to find the perfect gift for everyone. A gourmet dessert gift is always welcomed by friends and family but they make the absolute perfect gift for the office.

And do keep Sweet Street in mind for your next fundraiser too.

Transform any moment into a special occasion with something from Sweet Street's Gourmet Cake collection.

Sweet Street Logo

Tee Shirt with Smiley Face Emoticon



The ubiquitous smiley face. We have seen it everywhere and on everything since Harvey R. Ball, a freelance artist, created it in 1963 for an advertising campaign for an insurance company. These days we see it every day in our email as an emoticon. This cute 100% Organic Cotton tee shirt is from Great Organic American Apparel Tees. FREE SHIPPING for a limited time in the continental US.

Click on the banner below to purchase the Smiley Shirt or any other emoticon shirt.
Great Original Tees / New styles each month!

Pink Princess Pedal Car, Pedal Toy Cars

Pink Jalopy Pedal Car

What a dream car for a little girl! The Pink Princess Pedal Car will light up your little girl's eyes when she is presented with this great gift for her birthday or Christmas. Kids pedal cars are a very popular gift. Kids love them and parents can feel good about them because toy pedal cars provide opportunities for endless imaginative play and outdoor exercise. She can drive around in her own pink pedal car just like Mom and Dad. The driving experience feels real with a steering wheel that really steers. The Pink Princess pedal car has solid rubber tires and adjustable pedals. Constructed of heavy gauge steel, this childs pedal car will hold up well. If you want one for Christmas, order it early!

Click Here to order your Pretty Pink Princess Pedal Car

To see more toy pedal cars for girls and boys click HERE.

Sock Octopus, Plush Octopus Toy with 4 Pairs of Boys Socks

Sock Octopus

This stuffed octopus toy wears fun baby socks on each of his eight legs. They are cute little boy socks with non-slip soles. This combo is a two-for-one gift that includes a stuffed octopus toy and four pairs of colorful baby boy socks. The sock octopus is blue with white polka dots and has a head that rattles. He is 11 inches high and 10 inches wide. The socks fit size zero to six months and are a cotton polyester blend which can be machine washed and dried. Do you have a new baby boy on your gift list? The octopus plush with fun baby socks is a cute, practical gift and it makes such an adorable presentation.

Click here to purchase the Sock Octopus

Cupcake Jewelry for Your Sweetie

Cupcakes are hot, hot, hot! Everyone loves cupcakes and we're guessing that includes your favorite girl.  You may not be a baker, so how about presenting her with this gorgeous cupcake pendant necklace?

This is a gorgeous piece of jewelry, a cute, petite cupcake in a 10k gold fluted cupcake "cup" and topped with tiny diamond sprinkles.  The necklace even comes in its own cupcake-shaped presentation box.

This cupcake pendant necklace would make a fabulous birthday or Christmas gift for a girlfriend, a daughter, a wife or even a mom.  And maybe the best part - calories are NOT included!

Quick links:
Order the 10k gold and diamond cupcake pendant here
Order the 10k white gold and diamond cupcake pendant here
See more cupcake jewelry here

Car Key Finder -- the Super Loc8tor

Loc8tor Lite Object Finder

The older I get, the more time I spend looking for my keys, my wallet, the remote control.  I think most seniors feel the same way!

Now our problem is solved!   With this little credit-card-size device, your Grandpa or Grandma or Aunt Susie can find almost anything!  Simply attach a little homing tag to the item that is lost most often - keys, cameras, TV remotes, mobile phones, wallets, purses, or even eyeglasses.  The Loc8tor is a big product in a small package.

Just click the product for more information and/or purchase. Clicking will take you to the Independent Living Aids site. You will find a full display of gifts for grandparents there!

Audrey Hepburn Couture Muse Collection

Audrey Hepburn fans will love this movie collection, The Audrey Hepburn Couture Muse Collection. It is a beautifully presented collector's boxed set and includes seven fantastic Audrey Hepburn movies.

The Telegraph says, "Audrey Hepburn oozes screen presence in the Couture Muse Collection...It’s not just those eyes, or the way she wears her clothes, or even the uncanny bone structure; it is the warmth she conveys."

The movies in this boxed set include:
  • Tiffany’s
  • Sabrina
  • War and Peace
  • Roman Holiday
  • Paris When it Sizzles
  • My Fair Lady and
  • Funny Face
What an amazing movie collection for anyone who loves fashion, nostaligia, Miss Hepburn or classic movies. A very chic presentation, a lovely gift idea.

Quick Links:

Order your Audrey Hepburn Couture Muse Collection from Amazon.
Read Audrey Hepburn's My Fair Lady Movie Review.
Read Audrey Hepburn's WAIT UNTIL DARK Movie Review.

Beautiful Bonsai Tree Kit

Bonsai Tree Juniper

This top-selling Bonsai Tree Kit is a unique gift for the person on your list who enjoys nature and unusual hobbies. This do-it-yourself Bonsai kit includes everything you need to create a great looking bonsai tree. A 4 year old Juniper Sai "Tree in Training is included. All it needs is some Tender Loving Care and the instructions for that TLC are included in the kit -- the 101 Essential Bonsai Tips Book - A great little book that takes key information on cultivating bonsai into 101 easy-to-understand tips.

Give the gift of a unique and artistic new hobby!

Flower Fairy Tutu Dress

Flower Fairy Tutu Dress

Click here to purchase the Flower Fairy Tutu Dress

Adorable hot pink, light pink and lime green halter tutu dress with a pink peony flower. This beautiful custom made tutu dress is perfect for birthday parties, pageants, flower girls, Easter, portraits, Halloween, or just for dress up! This tutu dress is custom made to order for your sweet princess! She can be Cinderella at the ball in this gorgeous tutu outfit made from yards and yards of soft, comfortable tulle. Even little girls love to dress in something elegant. Make sure to take a look at the romantic matching pink satin slippers.

Dreamy Pink Slippers

Click here to purchase the Pink Slippers

Quick Link:
See more tutus and tutu dresses HERE.

Designer Disney Princess Handbag

Princess Bucket Bag by Dooney & Bourke

This adorable designer Disney princess handbag comes to you straight from the Disney Parks collection and is THE perfect gift for any upscale woman who likes to have fun.

The Dooney & Bourke Disney Princess bag features a colorful coated-cotton classic Disney princess design overall including memorable items from the Disney princess collection and is trimmed with tan leather and has metal hardware.

I've chosen to feature the Dooney & Bourke Princess bucket bag because at 6 1/2"H x 10"W, I love size and shape of it; big enough to carry all the neccessities yet small enough to comfortably carry all day long. The bag has 4 interior pockets for easy orginization. A genuine Dooney & Bourke heart-shaped dangle completes the cuteness!
Makes a great gift for the Disney princess in your life!
Until we meet again, shop happy!

Learn more or purchase this great handbag here!
Princess Bucket Bag by Dooney & Bourke

Mini Cupcake Maker Bakes Up Big Batches of Fun

Cupcakes are all the rage and this top-rated mini cupcake maker is a customer favorite. Whether you just need a few cupcakes or you're looking for a way to bake cute mini cupcakes without heating the oven, this is the perfect new kitchen appliance.

The nonstick surface makes this electric cupcake baker easy to clean and easy to use for quick cupcakes, muffins, or cornbread.  One satisfied customer even uses it for brownies! You or your favorite young kitchen helper can bake seven cupcakes at a time using standard mini-cupcake paper liners. Use one of the recipes included in the box or any storebought cake mix.

This mini cupcake maker would make a wonderful gift for a parent or grandparent to use to help teach a child or the grandkids to bake. One customer loves it for slumber parties. Empty-nesters or seniors who are learning to cook for two again will love that they can bake just a small batch at a time.

Decorations not included, but what a great way to get a head start on a cute, trendy, mini dessert that everyone will love. Click here to order the Smart Planet Mini Cupcake Maker - eligible for free super saver shipping at

Women's Pink Chocolate Apron

Women's Pink Chocolate Apron

This apron is a candy shop stripe design, with large and small stripes. The colors of the stripes range from cocoa brown, caramel tan, dusty pink and peony pink. Flirty ruffles in the cocoa brown with peony pink polka dots, compliment the symmetry and colors of the candy shop stripes. This is a cute apron in the trendy pink and chocolate colors. What a nice gift this would make for your favorite cook or chef!

Girls' Pink Chocolate Apron

Beautiful mother-daughter matching Pink Chocolate Aprons. A unique gift for a mom and daughter.

Quick Link
See beautiful retro aprons, books, and apron patterns here.

Creative Cookies, Delicious Decorating For Any Occasion, Cookie Cook Book

My favorite sweet treat is homemade cookies. They have to be homemade because store bought cookies just do not taste the same. My cookies must be soft and chewy, not crisp. My rule is, take them out of the oven just a hair before they’re done. If they get crisp by mistake we can always dunk them in milk or coffee but that’s not the ideal. How is it at your house? Does your family like their cookies soft or crispy?
Cookies allow for a lot of creativity. There are lots of add-ins that you can use such as chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, raisins, or nuts. My Mom used to send us cookies made with cherry flavored chips. The boys loved those!
Then there are decorated cookies. You can make some fabulous looking cookies with icing and decorations such as jimmies, sprinkles, colored sugars, luster dust, edible glitter, cookie stamps and so much more. My mom and sister and I used to decorate sugar cookies to take to a children’s home at Christmas time. It was a lot of fun working together in the kitchen and sharing our creations with those less fortunate.
Are you a cookie enthusiast like me? Check out the cookie cook book links below for creative inspiration and soon your kitchen will be filled with the sweet, homey aroma of cookies baking.

Creative Cookies: Delicious Decorating for Any OccasionCreative Cookies: Delicious Decorating for Any Occasion
Click here for a great assortment of cookie cook books.

Let's Play Boochie!

Boochie, A Whole New Ball Game

One of the most exciting and fun new games available for the family is Boochie!  You can play Boochie in your yard, at the park or at the beach.  Or take it to with you to family reunions or visits with other families.  A unique 12-sided rolling target, wrist trackers and tons of different challenges make Boochie the game for everyone to enjoy this year. The Boochie Game is a super gift for an active family who loves to play games together.  

How to Play Boochie

  Throw the soft foam Boochie target.  Then try to land your ball and hoop as close to it as possible. Keep score on a special wrist tracker. The player with the most points win. Gamewright. Appropriate for ages: 8-12 ----but don't be surprised if younger and older folks want to join in the fun too!   Boochie is a great family or neighborhood game!

"Welcome Home Baby" Personalized 3 Piece Layette Set in Keepsake Box

"Welcome Home Baby!" Personalized 3-Piece Layette Set in Keepsake Gift Box

Too Cute Baby Gifts

Because a baby girl fills a house with warmth, wonder and love, Baby Aspen fills a pretty, pink house with something sweet and special just for her! The perfect gift to "Welcome Home Baby!" in style! When Mom and Dad peek through the front-door window of the enchanting, keepsake gift box, they'll see a 3-piece layette so cute, it's worth shouting from the rooftop!
Features and facts:
Layette includes a long-sleeve, pink night gown, night cap and a pair of booties-all with white trim accented with tiny, black polka dots
Made of soft, machine-washable, 100% cotton,
Charming pink "house" gift box has a door with a "Welcome Home Baby!" sign hung on the window with a satin bow, a mailbox that says "Special Delivery," colorful flowers, grass and green shrubs, a bumblebee, two side windows-one with a flower-filled window box-and a black-and-white-striped roof with a round window on each end,
Roof lifts off to reveal layette.
Gift box measures 8 &¾" h x 3 &¾" w x 3 &¾" d
Size 0-6 months

New Decoupage: Transforming Your Home with Paper, Glue, and Scissors by Durwin Rice

New Decoupage

Decoupage is pretty fun. It’s fun to look for just the right images and colors and fit them all together. I made a couple of pieces as gifts and one for myself and I enjoyed doing it, but I did not know about this book at the time and I didn’t have any instructions. I just dove into the project and didn’t know the right kind of glue and if my project needed a sealant. Durwin Rice is the acknowledged expert on the art of decoupage. He leaves behind the tedious methods of Victorian decoupage and brings the art into the present, making it fun and easy. I own his book now and when I do another decoupage project, I will know exactly what to do. With decoupage you can make a beautiful work of art for your home for not very much money. I love hearts and cherries so I incorporated both into the decoupage piece I made for my home.

Decoupage Heart Box

New Decoupage: Transforming Your Home with Paper, Glue, and ScissorsNew Decoupage
Click here to see a great selection of decoupage books and supplies

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