DC Comics Graphic Audio, The Justice League

If you like audio books and you have not been introduced to graphic audio then you are in for a treat. DC Comics Graphic Audio does not have one person reading through the whole book like regular audio books, but rather a cast of about 27 voice actors performing it. It is something like an old time radio play but much more sophisticated with cinematic music and wonderful sound effects. Everything is supplied for you except the images and your imagination supplies those. It is truly a "movie in your mind" as Graphic Audio advertises. DC Comics Graphic Audio is very popular with those who are Justice League and DC Comics fans. One or two of these might just be the perfect gift for your Justice League fan.

Fisher-Price's Sing-A-Ma-Jigs

If you haven't met them yet, it's time and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce you to Fisher-Price's Sing-A-Ma-Jigs. They're a group of plush toys or dolls that chat, sing and most importantly harmonize.  Put a group of them together and that's what they do ~ harmonize. They're fun and they're popular this Christmas.

If you searching for a sing-a-ma-jig or two (or maybe the whole chorus) for someone in your family, I recommend you drop by my page, Fisher-Price's Sing-A-Ma-Jig Singing Plush Dolls, which is dedicated to the complete collection. On that page, you can read a bit more about these dolls, see them in action in a video and find the complete collection.


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Fisher-Price's Sing-A-Ma-Jig Singing Plush Dolls
Order your singamajig(s) from Amazon.

Harry Potter Wand Remote Control Review

Found! The best gift of the year for Harry Potter loving movie fans. Who could resist using a WAND to turn their television on and off? PLUS, this magical device will also turn on and off your lights, your ceiling fan or a number of other electronic gadgets in your home which operates by remote control.

The Harry Potter wand remote control is ready and waiting to appear under your Christmas tree this year.  A unique and timely gift.

Merry Christmas!

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Kymera's Harry Potter Wand Remote Control Review
Buy your remote control wand from Amazon
More of The Best Harry Potter Gift Ideas

Marie Osmond's Heartfelt Giving: Sew and Quilt for Family and Friends

Know a sewer or a quilter?  Someone who enjoys crafting gifts for family and friends?  Here's a beautiful book they'll love - and it won't hurt if they're a Marie Osmond fan.  Marie Osmond's Heartfelt Giving: Sew and Quilt for Family and Friends not only contains more than 20 sewing and quilting projects for everyone from baby to the family dog, it's also full of stories and photographs from Marie's childhood.

This is a gift any Marie Osmond fan would love, and even a crafter who isn't familiar with Marie will love the projects that she has designed and presents with step-by-step instructions and lots of color pictures.

This book is truly a gift that will keep on giving. The price might surprise you, too (it surprised me); currently it's only $17.81 (subject to change), a bargain for a book with projects, patterns, and pretty pictures.

Click here to order Marie Osmond's Heartfelt Giving: Sew and Quilt for Family and Friends.

Kinect Sensor The Hottest Electronic Gift of 2010

The Kinect Sensor is a revolutionary new video game accessory which allows you to play video games WITHOUT A CONTROLLER.

Imagine a technological device so sophisticated that it knows automatically WHO YOU ARE and that it that TRACKS YOUR EVERY MOVEMENT and you'll have an idea of what the Kinect Sensor is and what it can do.

The Kinect Sensor is only available as an accessory for the Xbox 360 game console and it promises to be a lot of fun. As a matter of fact, it is poised to become one of the hottest electronic gifts of 2010 and Microsoft expects to sell (according to whichever source you believe) 3,000,000 to 5,000,000 Kinect sensors.

If you know someone who owns an Xbox 360, this could well be the best gift you could come up with for them this Christmas. Since it is forecast to be one of the hottest items around, I recommend you don't wait to buy yours. Amazon is forecasting limited supplies and fluctuating availability because of high demand.  You can read more about and even order your Kinect Sensor from Amazon by clicking right here.  If you are also in the market for an Xbox 360 video game console, you will find it nicely bundled with the Kinect sensor at Amazon by clicking right here

You ARE the controller with the Kinect for Xbox 360.

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Buy your Kinect Sensor from Amazon.

Jane Fonda Workout DVD

Back in 1981, Jane Fonda took the fitness world by storm with her Jane Fonda's Workout book followed by a long series of workout tapes.  Now, Jane is back with Jane Fonda's Prime Time workouts, two new DVDs with workouts for baby boomer and senior women.  These new workout videos are destined to join the list of Jane's bestselling workout videos from the 1980s.

Jane Fonda Prime Time: Fit and Strong features two 25-minute workouts to help build core strength, improve balance, and burn calories.  Jane Fonda Prime Time: Walk Out features two one-mile walking workouts.  Both include aerobic exercises that benefit the entire body, and both are designed especially for baby boomer and senior women, those in the "prime time" of life.

These workout DVDs would make fabulous gifts for any active woman, mom or, dare I say, grandmother on your gift list this year.  If she loved the Jane Fonda fitness videos from 20-some years ago, she'll really appreciate these now.

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Order Jane Fonda Prime Time: Fit and Strong
Order Jane Fonda Prime Time: Walk Out

Jackie Evancho Christmas CD

Did you see Jackie Evancho on "America's Got Talent?"  Or perhaps you caught Jackie's appearance on Oprah.  Maybe you haven't heard of Jackie Evancho yet.  Whether you're an older fan or this is the first time you've met her, you're going to love her.

Jackie is a 10-year-old with the beautiful, mature, operatic soprano voice of a grown-up.  She wowed audience over the summer of 2010 on "America's Got Talent" and finished that competition in second place.  Now, in the fall of 2010, Jackie has a Christmas CD coming out.

The CD is called "O Holy Night" and features Christmas selections.  Additionally, the accompanying DVD contains video from Jackie's audition for and appearances on "America's Got Talent."

You can read more about Jackie and hear her sing HERE.  Once you've heard her sing, we know you'll think of someone who will love receiving her Christmas CD as a gift.  From grandparents to talented little girls who need an idol, this CD/DVD set will make a wonderful gift for many of the people on your list.   Order Jackie Evancho's Christmas CD right here.  It's affordable - and beautiful.

Coraline Blu-ray Movie Gift Set

Coraline was one of the best blu-ray movie releases of 2009. If someone you know has adopted HDTV and blu-ray and doesn't already own this movie, it is a top-rated gift idea.

Coraline is an excellent movie, an animated 3D stop-motion film with a spooky bend. Not quite appropriate for young children but definitely worth thinking about for older children, say tweens and up. (Check Coraline's rating.)

The limited edition blu-ray gift set includes the contents of the regular blu-ray movie in collectible packaging plus a set of postcards and a book called 'Getting Things Right.' The book shares Henry Selick's thoughts about his own inspiration for the movie and about the creation of the movie.

Any family with older children and teens would enjoy this movie as would anyone who loves stop-action movies done in the style of Tim Burton.

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Click here to order your Coraline Blu-ray Movie Gift Set.

Michael Jackson The Experience Video Game

Found. The perfect gift for Michael Jackson fans, young and old. Michael Jackson's The Experience is a brand-new video game arriving November 23rd, 2010, just in time for Christmas.

At least it is arriving for the Nintendo Wii, the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP on November 23, 2010. It will not be available for the Xbox 360 until March 1, 2011.

In this new video game, you get to try out all of Michael Jackson's dance moves and choreography. You'll be able to challenge your family and friends or, if you prefer, to use them as back-up dancers.

Whether or not you are a dancer, this game looks like a hoot. It features 26 of Michael's most famous songs and it even includes the lyrics so you can sing along although true fans already know all the words.

A bonus, at least for me, would be that you can train in training mode before you invite your family and friends to join in.

Anyway, I'm no dancer but I would not mind finding Michael Jackson's The Experience under my Christmas tree this year. (I'm from the older fan category. I grew up with Jackson and can even remember the day that he launched his video for Thriller. Can you?)

While I think this game is perfect for ah, slightly ah 'older' fans like myself, I also think it will be of interest to MJ's younger fans who are familiar with his music and who love to DANCE.


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Michael Jackson The Experience Video Game
Order your copy of Michael Jackson's video game today.

Reed and Barton Jewelry Chest - The Athena

Reed & Barton Athena 664MR Jewelry Chest
The lady in your life would be thrilled with this beautiful Reed and Barton Jewelry Chest.  She deserves the very best - and the Reed & Barton name tells her that you purchased the highest quality in style and convenience.This beautiful jewelry chest will look stylish on her dresser.   There are 5 lined drawers for earrings, pins, bracelets and chains.  The ring bars in the well provide safe-keeping for her ring collection.  Notice the hooks in the lid -- those hooks will hold her pendants so they stay organized and untangled.  There is a solid brass nameplate and the side handles are brass finished.  It is difficult to imagine a more organized or more beautiful jewel chest anywhere.  Click here to purchase a Reed and Barton Jewelry Chest for her today.

Harry Potter Pop-Up Books

Definitely a top gift choice for any Harry Potter fan is this Harry Potter pop-up book. It is based on the Harry Potter movie images that we have known and come to love and it is brand-new this year.

Available right now as a pre-order item from Amazon and complete with Amazon's price guarantee, it will be shipped on November 16th and arrive in your mailbox in plenty of time for Christmas gift giving this year.

To read more about this Harry Potter book, to see the exciting video of it and to learn about other Harry Potter pop-up books, click right here.

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Order this pop-up book from Amazon.
View the exciting trailer for this book.

Dinosaur Pajamas for Boys

Look at these adorable pajamas for baby boys. Dinosaurs of green and brown scamper and romp on a beige background. This sleeper is more lightweight for those little boys that might get too hot. Blanket sleepers are great for keeping kids cozy when the weather turns cold. Zips up the front and has non skid feet. Dinosaur pajamas are great for under the Christmas tree or to tuck into a Christmas stocking.

Little Me Dinosaur Footed Sleeper Pajamas for Baby Boys

Little Me Dinosaur Footed Sleeper Pajamas for Baby Boys

Another adorable dinosaur blanket sleeper for boys. These beautiful fleece pajamas have a chocolate brown background with colorful volcanoes, dinosaurs and bones.

Brown Dinosaur Blanket Sleeper for Infant Boys

Brown Dinosaur Blanket Sleeper for Infant Boys

Dinosaur Pajamas for Boys
Boy's Sleepwear and Pajamas

A Dinosaur T Shirt for your Dinosaur Fan

Little kids LOVE dinosaurs! When my kids were little they devoured dinosaur books and had a lot of dinosaur toys. They would have loved a dinosaur pet if that had been possible. Since it wasn't, they had to settle for dinosaur t shirts and dinosaur toys. Make your dinosaur lover happy and get them a new dinosaur t-shirt. I like this dinosaur shirt because the dinosaur bones start out on the front and wrap around to the back. The big long neck is on the front and the back half of the dinosaur is on the back.

Sauropod (Long-Neck) Dinosaur T-Shirt shirt
Sauropod (Long-Neck) Dinosaur T-Shirt by opentheshutter
Browse more t-shirts designed online at zazzle

This is a great shirt for Tyrannosaurus fans.

T-rex! shirt
T-rex! by jerrylofaro
Make custom t shirts at zazzle

A cute dinosaur t shirt for your T-Rex fan!

Infant T-Shirt shirt
Infant T-Shirt by PaulStickland
Create a personalized tshirt online at zazzle

This is the book that started the dinosaur craze at our house. It is a wonderful, simple, colorful book for young children. It is a great companion gift to go with a dinosaur t shirt.

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs

Men's Titanium Necklace - Because Your Guy Deserves the Best!

Titanium Men's 7MM Link Necklace Chain 20

Buying a gift for the man in your life can be a challenge.  Titanium necklaces are an easy solution.  Wearing jewelry expresses his personality. He can add a chain necklace to a tailored shirt or a tee for a look unique to him. Men's jewelry is a great way to update his tired wardrobe.
Phil, an Amazon reviewer in Virginia, bought this necklace for himself. He said, "I recently purchased the 28" Titanium Men's 7mm Link necklace. It's extremely handsome, is very smooth and doesn't pinch. I needed a very strong necklace and clasp. I can't imagine any piece of jewelry to be stronger than this. It suited my needs perfectly and the price was right. I own no jewelry with the exception of my wedding ring. I plan to wear this necklace everyday it's so comfortable. It actually looks better in real life than in the Amazon photo, and I think that image looks quite nice."

Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet, A Family Friendly Movie

National Velvet

If you have never seen National Velvet, you really should lay your hands on a copy and set aside a couple of hours to watch it. Released in 1944 when Elizabeth Taylor was just 12, it is a heartwarming story of a young girl who wins a difficult horse in a lottery. She then runs across a wayward youth (Mickey Rooney) who knows how to train horses. Together they get the horse ready for the Grand Nationals in England.

Grab a bowl of popcorn and watch this movie with your kids or grandkids. If you have a horse lover in the bunch, they will be sure to love National Velvet. This movie is very well priced at Amazon and a perfect stocking stuffer for a person who is crazy about horses.
It is interesting to see the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor in a movie where she is young and innocent, and also the young Angela Lansbury who plays Velvet's sister.

For the dedicated horse movie fan here is another way to purchase National Velvet. It comes here packaged with 3 other classic horse movies.

Classic Horse Favorites: 4 Film Favorites (Black Beauty / The Story of Seabiscuit / National Velvet / International Velvet)

Boys PJs, Winter Sleepwear for Boys

I love this set of Wild Thing cotton pajamas. The colors of chocolate brown and aqua are great and I like all the animals. Great pajamas for an animal lover. Elephants, lions, and monkeys, oh my!

Lazy One Wild Things Cotton Pajamas for Toddlers and Boys
Lazy One Wild Things Cotton Pajamas for Toddlers and Boys

The chilly nights are coming soon and we will all want to be outfitted with warm snuggly pajamas like these Wild Thing boys PJs. They are snug fitting and 100% cotton for safety and warmth.
Click this link for pajamas for the entire family:
Fun Sleepwear for the Whole Family
For more wonderful pajamas for boys click here:
Boy's Sleepwear and Pajamas
and here:
Fall and Winter Sleepwear for Boys

Don't forget the cute animal slippers! Click on this banner to see a great selection of slippers for the whole family:

A 'Sweet' New Ritz Cupcake Apron

Cupcake fans will definitely want this new Ritz cupcake apron that I just discovered on Amazon. It is a 100 percent cotton twill apron, machine washable of course, which is done in a very appealing cupcake print on a blue background. There is just something so 'sweet' about it, pun intended.

It is a perfect gift for anyone who is in love with cupcakes and, best of all, it is priced at less than $20 on Amazon. Add to your order a couple of packages of sprinkles or a cupcake cookbook, and Amazon will ship your purchases to you for FREE.

Quick Links:

Order this cupcake apron from Amazon.
Find lots more cupcake aprons on Crazy About Cupcakes? Tie on a Cupcake Apron!

PONYO: A Top-Rated Movie For Young Children

Anyone who is looking for an excellent movie choice for young children need look no further than Ponyo.  A masterfully animated Japanese film from Hayao Miyazaki and Disney and the Studio Ghibli, it is a lovely and gentle movie, perfect for gift giving.

Sometimes, however, a movie alone seems a little lacking in the gift giving sense and, in this case, Disney has solved the problem for us by providing a beautiful Ponyo DVD and plush gift set.

The Ponyo gift set includes the two-disc special edition DVD and a plush Ponyo. If you've seen the movie, you will be able to understand how wonderful it will be to actually own a plush Ponyo.

Click here to read my full review of Ponyo.
Click here to order your Ponyo DVD Plush Gift Set from Amazon.

Record Your Own Message - Your.Minder Alarm Clock

Your. Minder Personal Alarm Clock With Power Supply - Record up to (6) of Your OWN Alarm Messages

One of the hottest new alarm clocks available!  Imagine an alarm clock that speaks to you in your own voice.  You can set this one to remind yourself of appointments or to repeat affirmations in your voice.  The possibilities are endless.

Are you a grandparent?  Give this one to your grandchild and pre-set it with your voice.  Imagine your grandchild hearing you wake him in the morning.  

Trying to lose weight?   Use the personal alarm messages to motivate yourself.

This self-recording alarm clock will be enjoyed by children and adults.  Teens will use it to record reminders of important tests and reports - and parties!

How would you use the personal reminder alarm clock? 

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