Star Trek: The Original Series (Remastered) - Three Season Pack

Do you have a Trekkie on your Christmas list this year? The original Star Trek television series is a classic favorite among many Baby Boomers, and an acquired taste for some who are younger. Looking back it is kind of cheesy now as they didn't have the ability to make the special effects that we enjoy today. Still, it was one of the first sci-fi shows to fire our imaginations about the possibilities of space travel. Star Trek has permeated our popular culture to the point that even all these years later you see and hear Star Trek references everywhere.

Star Trek: The Original Series (Remastered) - Three Season Pack

Regularly priced at $249.98, Amazon has it for $179.99 which is a savings of $69.99.
The series has been remastered and now has better color and sharper contrast. They have added special effects that were not possible to do at the time and fixed some of the more hokey scenes in the original. Most customers like this added feature but a few Star Trek purists would have preferred to have it left as is. Chances are your Star Trek fan would love to own the entire original series.

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