Kindle Wireless Reading Device from Amazon

Kindle wireless ebook reader
Once there was a very non-techie girl who met a wireless ebook reader named Kindle and fell in love. She wasn't looking for love; alas, she wasn't even looking for an ebook reader! But when she stumbled upon Kindle (was it fate?) she knew she had to have it.

Okay, enough with the corny story, even though it's true. When the Kindle wireless reader was introduced by in November 2007, I happened to be watching and, indeed, I loved what I saw. I loved the convenience of having a library of books that could be carried around on a device the size of a Reader's Digest magazine. I loved that there was no monthly subscription fee. I loved that I could buy books, as well as magazine, newspaper, and blog subscriptions, from the Kindle device itself or online at, then turn on the Kindle and the book I wanted to read was there, waiting for me. No more ordering then waiting days for delivery; this was reader's instant gratification in less than a minute!

The Kindle has gone through improvements and now there's a 2nd generation Kindle, similar in size to the original but with some notable improvements, and there's a larger-screen version called the Kindle DX. Believe me, Kindle just keeps getting better and better, now with 350,000+ books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs available.

If you are a reader or you're looking for the ultimate gift for a reader, consider the Kindle wireless reading device. Read a detailed review of the Kindle family here or, if I've convinced you that you, too, have found your true love, visit the Kindle store to purchase a Kindle here

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