Audrey Hepburn Couture Muse Collection

Audrey Hepburn fans will love this movie collection, The Audrey Hepburn Couture Muse Collection. It is a beautifully presented collector's boxed set and includes seven fantastic Audrey Hepburn movies.

The Telegraph says, "Audrey Hepburn oozes screen presence in the Couture Muse Collection...It’s not just those eyes, or the way she wears her clothes, or even the uncanny bone structure; it is the warmth she conveys."

The movies in this boxed set include:
  • Tiffany’s
  • Sabrina
  • War and Peace
  • Roman Holiday
  • Paris When it Sizzles
  • My Fair Lady and
  • Funny Face
What an amazing movie collection for anyone who loves fashion, nostaligia, Miss Hepburn or classic movies. A very chic presentation, a lovely gift idea.

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