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What an exciting discovery I had this week when I discovered that they are remaking The Wizard of Oz movie! I am not actually sure that I am in love with the idea because we all know what Hollywood can do to a good movie but I guess I am willing to give it a chance.

My reading about the rumors surrounding this new movie led me to another great find...a selection of Wizard of Oz t-shirts. I love this "Keep Calm and Click Your Heels" t-shirt, which actually relates pretty well to Dorothy's behavior in the Wizard of Oz considering the situation she was in! If you love the original movie as much as I, or if someone you love loves the movie as much as I, a Wizard-themed tee would be a great gift idea.

Personally, I have a birthday coming up. I am not saying which birthday but I am willing to say that when I grew up one of the highlights of our year once a year, every year, was to watch The Wizard of Oz movie when it came on television. Anyway, I think this t-shirt would be a top-rated gift choice for any woman who has a history with The Wiz, as I do, or even for any new fan of The Wizard of Oz.

Can you think of someone else who would love one of these fabulous t-shirts? I can...

You can order one of these shirts from Amazon by clicking right here.

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  1. What great shirts! Such original designs for the Wizard of Oz!

  2. I love the "Keep Calm..." shirt.

  3. Hi, Cat - You can find the Keep Calm t-shirt on Amazon.com by clicking right here. I hope it wasn't the other shirt because I couldn't find it though I could find lots of other great Wizard of Oz themed shirts. - Brenda


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