Weber 3751001 Genesis E-320 Propane Gas Grill

The Weber 3751001 Genesis E-320 Propane Gas Grill is Amazon's top-rated gas barbecue and it is the barbecue that my husband would love to receive this year for Father's Day.

It features:

Three main burners with 42,800-BTU and a side burner with 12,000-BTU.
A large cooking area (637 square inches.)
Easy start-up with an electronic ignition.
A Thermometer.
Grates fashioned from porcelain-enameled, cast-iron
Six tool holders.
A steel frame.
A Weber cookbook.
A 2 to 25-year limited warranty.

More important than those simple facts might be some of the reviews from the Amazon customers who have purchased and LOVE the Weber Genesis gas grill:

"This piece is quality! Quality! Quality! It is a TANK! If this unit was a SUV - it would be a Hummer! The controls are easy to use & precise. The cooking is even with no chance of flare-ups. I have grilled, done a rotisserie, and even baked a jumbo chicken in it - it is a dream." ~~ Richard Delhaie

"I love owning products that are near the top of their class, yet not much of what I own falls into that category. I'm usually a 'value' buyer - I buy reasonable quality stuff at a reasonble price; rarely do I opt for the high end with no consideration to cost.   So this time I did just that: choosing to pay $600 plus for this grill when alternatives existed in the $180-$250 dollar range. We're only a family of four, occasionally have visitors, live in the Northeast so our season isn't very long. Why?

Well after putting it together today, and using it for the first time, I know why. I bought it because the assembly instructions were perfectly clear and understandable; because everything fit together like Lego(tm) - as advertised - with close tolerances, high quality components everywhere, even the small details like nylon washers to minimize marring and corrosion. I bought it because it has nice thick baked on powder coat to minimize rust. Its clear someone out there 'thinks' about this process of grilling, and they work at Weber." ~~ Denis Kefallinos

"Bottom line: great grill, and excellent customer service for both Amazon (as usual) and Weber! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" ~~ The Critic

I think that Amazon customers are a fantastic source of information about a product since they provide reviews from 'real' people who have actually used the product. You can read the 66 five-star Amazon customer reviews for yourself by clicking right here. If you already are familiar with the Weber Genesis, you probably won't be surprised. If this is your introduction to this grill, you might be blown away.

Amazon will ship this to your front door for FREE plus, they have reduced the price from $849.00 to $699, a $150 savings for you. If you are shopping for a new grill and want one that will stand up to your (or his) expectations, Weber's Genesis is a great choice. Presenting this one to Dad for Father's Day would be an amazing and unexpected surprise.

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