Nintendo's Wii Party Video Game

Have YOU Played Wii Party?

There are no other party video games on the market that offer the number of play options and variations that Wii Party does.

Wii Party features more than 13 games and 70 mini-games that you play in your living room as opposed to on your television screen.

The screen acts as your game board and you roll the dice to play the games.

You use the Wii remote controls to play the games in the real world with the results of game play contributing to your progress on the game board on your television.

Wii Party is a multi-player game, which features both competitive and cooperative gaming and is perfect for any gathering of up to four individuals. (You can accommodate larger gatherings by taking turns.)

Wii Party is rated E for Everyone and is suitable for children aged eight-years old and up. It is great family entertainment, with occasional slapstick violence called 'mild cartoon violence' and nothing graphic.

Most importantly, Wii Party is loads of family friendly fun.

If you are planning a party and you own Nintendo's Wii, you NEED the new game, Wii Party. I listened with interest recently as my 17-year old son and his female birthday guests had a blast in the basement playing this fun new video game.

Amazon customer Kaio said, "Bottom Line -- Just like Sports Resort, Wii Party is definitely a game I'll come back to again and again! Literally hours and hours of fun to be had here...I love Wii Party and can't say enough good about it! What a blast!"

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