Wham-O Frisbee 50th Anniversary Collector Set

Don't you just love it when spring and summer arrives and you can get outside and enjoy your favorite outdoor activities?  This week at Toys, Toys & More Toys on Facebook, we have been celebrating Frisbee season.  We love the fact that the humble Frisbee is a sport that is extremely affordable and NOT dependent on the participant being a good athlete. Anyone can pick up a Frisbee and have fun.

We also love this Wham-O Frisbee 50th Anniversary Collector Set. A nicely put together set, it contains an official Ultimate disc, a Pro-Classic disc with collector's edition graphics and a Special Inventor's Edition Pluto Platter Collector's Disc.  The latter is a reproduction of The Pluto Platter, which was originally sold between the years of 1957 and 1964.

If you or someone you know loves Frisbee or even participates in Ultimate, this would definitely make a TOP-RATED GIFT idea.  If you would like to introduce someone to the Frisbee, this would also make a great gift idea. Currently, this Wham-O Frisbee Collector's Set is available on Amazon, by clicking right here


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Unique and Practical Father's Day Gift Idea: A Wallet & Key Finder

Here's a novel gift idea for Dad on Father's Day. 

How about gifting him with a WALLET or KEY finder?

If he routinely puts his keys or wallet down, turns around and is unable to find them, you won't regret gifting him with one of these gizmos...and more likely you will be GLAD that you did.

The key finder shown here is the two-way Find One Find All (or FOFA) Key Finder and Wallet Locator Set.  You`ll find a whole page dedicated to these helpful little devices here.


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