The Hunger Games Jigsaw Puzzle

There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that there are going to be many gifts chosen this year from The Hunger Games book and movie franchise.

If you know someone who loves the books and movie who also enjoys working a jigsaw puzzle occasionally, we know they'll enjoy this The Hunger Games jigsaw puzzle based on artwork from the movie.

It's a TOP-RATED GIFT IDEA that is a little bit out of the ordinary.  I wouldn't mind finding it under my Christmas tree at all.

How about you? Would you enjoy working this 1000 piece Hunger Games puzzle?


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The Hunger Games Movie Jigsaw Puzzle.

Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse Pants Coffee Mugs By Disney

How cool is this Donald Duck pants coffee mug? Too cool, I'd say.  We love the Mickey Mouse pants coffee mug, too.

Each of these mugs, created for the Walt Disney Resort, is 6 ounce in size and measures about 4.5 inches in height.

One or the other or even both would make a TOP-RATED GIFT idea for any Disney fan.


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Furby by Hasbro 2012

There's absolutely no question this time. My favorite Furby is the bright purple one. I love his varigated coat. I also love the teal one, he's just so bright and appealing. The white one is icy and cool...and the black one, well he's another sort of cool. Okay, so I really cannot pick a favorite Furby anymore than I could pick a favorite Cabbage Patch Kid in my last post.

The Furby is the second in a series of Hot Toys for 2012 and it is another retro-themed toy. The original Furby was a must-have toy in 1998, the year Furby sales exceeded 1.8 million units. 

It will come as no surprise that the new Hasbro Furby is going to surpass the old one in technological ability.   This little guy is said to be fairly unpredictable since he's going to evolve as you use him.


He will respond to all sorts of movements and he will recognize both music and voice. 

If you download the free Furby App, you will be able to feed him. No app? No problem, you can feed him with your finger.

You will also be able to use the app to translate Furbish to English.

Well, without further ado let me show you what the 2012 Furbies can do via this short Youtube video:

Pretty cute, don't you think? It looks like Hasbro's 2012 Furby could be a very successful interactive toy for individuals 6 years old and up.   He's definitely pretty cute and earns a place on my list of HOT toys for 2012.


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Click here to see all of Amazon's 2012 Furby Toys.
Download The Furby App.

Cabbage Patch Kids 2012

The iconic Cabbage Patch Kid doll was first created by Xavier Roberts in 1978.  At that time, the dolls were called Little People and sold at craft shows but the doll, who came with a numbered birth certificate, went on to become a huge fad of the 1980s and a  highly collectible doll.

Forecast to be once again one of the HOT toys for 2012, is the Cabbage Patch doll. We love how fresh and modern these kids look and the range of choices from light to dark skinned and from pretty to preppy or sporty.

Here's the 2012 Cabbage Patch kid advertisement for a peek into the collection:

Check out the 2012 Cabbage Patch dolls for yourself in our photo gallery, starting with the Cabbage Patch Kids Blonde Summertime Girl shown in the yellow and pink polka dot dress shown at the top of this page and then going on to the Cabbage Patch Kids African American Sporty Girl shown below:

And continuing on with the Cabbage Patch Kids Brunette Playground Girl:

And the Cabbage Patch Kid Blonde Preppy Girl:

And we love the fact that there are even BOY Cabbage Patch dolls.

Here's the Cabbage Patch Kids Brunette Hair Hispanic Skater Boy:

And the brunette Cabbage Patch Kid Preppy Boy:

If I had to pick a favorite from amongst the 2012 lineup of Cabbage Patch Kids, I'd be stumped because I really do love them all. How about you? Is there one that you find particularly appealing?


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Click here to see Amazon's collection of 2012 Cabbage Patch dolls.

Wham-O Frisbee 50th Anniversary Collector Set

Don't you just love it when spring and summer arrives and you can get outside and enjoy your favorite outdoor activities?  This week at Toys, Toys & More Toys on Facebook, we have been celebrating Frisbee season.  We love the fact that the humble Frisbee is a sport that is extremely affordable and NOT dependent on the participant being a good athlete. Anyone can pick up a Frisbee and have fun.

We also love this Wham-O Frisbee 50th Anniversary Collector Set. A nicely put together set, it contains an official Ultimate disc, a Pro-Classic disc with collector's edition graphics and a Special Inventor's Edition Pluto Platter Collector's Disc.  The latter is a reproduction of The Pluto Platter, which was originally sold between the years of 1957 and 1964.

If you or someone you know loves Frisbee or even participates in Ultimate, this would definitely make a TOP-RATED GIFT idea.  If you would like to introduce someone to the Frisbee, this would also make a great gift idea. Currently, this Wham-O Frisbee Collector's Set is available on Amazon, by clicking right here


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Learn more about the history of the Frisbee.
Learn how to throw the Frisbee.

Unique and Practical Father's Day Gift Idea: A Wallet & Key Finder

Here's a novel gift idea for Dad on Father's Day. 

How about gifting him with a WALLET or KEY finder?

If he routinely puts his keys or wallet down, turns around and is unable to find them, you won't regret gifting him with one of these gizmos...and more likely you will be GLAD that you did.

The key finder shown here is the two-way Find One Find All (or FOFA) Key Finder and Wallet Locator Set.  You`ll find a whole page dedicated to these helpful little devices here.


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Order the FOFA Key Finder from Amazon.
Visit my page full of the best Key Finders.

Wondering Where To Find The Hunger Games Mockinjay Pin?

My Mockingjay pin arrived in the mail from Amazon this week and I couldn't be more pleased. If you are a fan of The Hunger Games or you know someone who is, you definitely should order yourself a Mockingjay pin and declare your support for the cause.

Don't get me wrong. This is a very affordable version of The Hunger Games pin and not one that will break the bank.  Priced at about $15, you know it is not going to be made of solid gold and that it is not going to be heirloom quality. However, it is a reasonably nice piece of costume jewelery that does not scream 'cheap.' Wearing this pin on your jacket or even pinning it to your bag will help you declare your love of The Hunger Games to the world and pave the way for meeting other fans of Katniss, Peeta and Gale.

You can read more about the Mockingjay, including what a Mockingjay is and its significance in Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games trilogy, as well as find a number of Mockingjay pins and other related jewelery items by clicking here.

Alternately, you can head straight on over to Amazon and order your pin. Remember that Amazon ships for free when you spend $25 so doubling up and ordering a pin for yourself and a pin for a friend means that you will qualify for FREE SHIPPING.

Let the games begin!


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Learn more about the Mockingjay and the Mockingjay pin.
Order your Mockingjay Pin from Amazon.

BEST GIFT FOR LEGO FANS: Lego's Taj Mahal Set 10189

The Lego Taj Mahal set is the largest Lego set available and has almost 6,000 pieces. It is an amazing set, designed for EXPERIENCED Lego builders who are 14 years of age and older.  Although the idea of completing this challenging Lego set is something I find hard to comprehend, I know that there are Lego enthusiasts out there who hunger after such a set.

Those who have been fortunate enough to have worked it, recommend this set for people looking for a challenge and one architect who worked it with his daughter said the size of the set is perfect for the detailing. You can read all of the Amazon customer reviews of the Lego Taj Mahal set here.  You will find them very interesting reading, indeed.

The one draw major back with this set, of course, is the price. Since it is no longer available directly from Lego, it is a sought after and in demand set, which of course has driven the price up. However, if you can afford the price your Lego enthusiast will be thrilled. I'd say this is about the BEST gift any Lego fan could receive, which definitely makes it a TOP-RATED GIFT choice.


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Click here to learn more about the Lego Taj Mahal set.
Click here to order your Lego Taj Mahal set from Amazon.


Delightful Turtle Accent Lamp

This is an absolutely beautiful turtle accent lamp and would certainly be appreciated by mom, grandmom, or the newly married couple on your list.   The bronze-ton legs and head support over 100 colorful pieces of cut glass in treasured Tiffany-style.  This elegant conversation piece is only 4 inches high and 8 inches wide, so it is easy to find the perfect spot for it.

This gorgeous accent lamp uses only a 15 watt bulb, so it is definitely more for appearance than for lighting, but it's pure beauty will make everyone gasp.

Handcrafted Stained Glass Made of Tiffany Style Turtle Accent Lamp

Vintage Metal Porch Glider Makes a Great Gift for Mom

Do you remember long spring and summer days sitting in a glider, visiting with friends and family?
This metal porch glider will invite your guests to relax and remember the old days when we lived at a more relaxed pace.
Imagine the delight of your parents when you give them this glider for their anniversary!

4D Concepts 71150 Metal Retro Glider

Cute Cake Stands

I do love whimsy and these unique cake stands are certainly that! This particular one features a lady with big green eyes, colorful jewelry and a hat resembling a lamp shade adorned with a big red bow.  Oh, and she's wearing a little black dress.
There are two other cake stands in this set and they can be stacked together to form an incredibly cute cupcake stand.  Cupcakes are very popular these days and this is a fun, fun way to display them. 
These cake stands are available individually but together they are smashing!  Desserts served on these cake stands will get noticed!  Very cute for a shower, ladies' tea, luncheon, or any other get together.  They are wonderful gifts as well.  Think of your favorite baker, a new bride, or anyone who loves to bake cakes and entertain.
These are not only functional cake stands but they are also kitschy, whimsical, fun pieces of art.

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