Personalized Coffee Mugs

Don't you love this black cat coffee mug? My friend Susan designed it for herself using a photo of her very own beloved pussy cat and an online service called Zazzle.

If you are intimidated at all about the process of making a personalized coffee mug, visit my page How To Put Your Photo On A Coffee Mug where you will find step-by-step directions on how to design your own coffee mug.

If you want to head right over to Zazzle and get started, you can just click right here.

A personalized coffee mug would definitely be a TOP-RATED GIFT in my mind and it is so easy to put one together, featuring your own photo or text, at Zazzle.


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Pink Kitchen Gift Ideas

If you know someone who LOVES pink then you know someone who probably would appreciate a pink kitchen gift.  When I went looking, I discovered that there is no shortage of fantastic TOP-RATED GIFT ideas for people who love pink.

Shown here is Kitchenaid's small applicance line, which offers up many pink gift ideas.  I was surprised that not only does Kitchenaid offer their well-respected appliance line but they also have accessory items like pink bowls, measuring cups, and kitchen tools.

And of course, the choice for pink in your kitchen is in no way limited to Kitchenaid.  Cuisinart has small appliances and there are a lot of other companies offering pink items in their kitchen lines.

If you do know someone who has a pink kitchen or who wants a pink kitchen, you can see Kitchenaid's colleciton on Amazon by clicking right here. To see a page absolutely overflowing with PRETTY IN PINK items for the kitchen, visit Think Pink in the Kitchen.

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Top-Rated Gifts For Children At Halloween

This Halloween version of Mr. Potato Head in his Trick or Tater Ghost Costume is certainly a top-rated gift choice for the children in your family this Halloween.  Your children will love dressing him up with his spooky bits and pieces, letting their imaginations run wild.  He's adorable and so much fun, too.

If you're looking for a Halloween gift for the children in your life, you might consider Mr. Potato Head. However, if he is not quite what you are looking for you might enjoy visiting The Best Halloween Pumpkin Gifts For Children, which is packed with great pumpkin-themed gifts for boys and girls around the age of 5.


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Starbucks 2011 Anniversary Mug

The Starbucks 2011 Anniversary Mug is truly a handsome piece.

Created to commemorate Starbucks’ Anniversary Blend of coffee, it is done in a lovely, rich earth tone with matte brown glaze and it features Starbucks’ own lovely siren mermaid image.

As with most of the Starbucks mugs that I have seen, this coffee cup is generously proportioned and will hold 12 fluid ounces of your favorite hot beverage. It is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

Will you be adding the Starbucks 2011 Anniversary Mug to your coffee mug collection?


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Golden Age of Travel Calendar 2012

World travellers (and even those who are not world travellers) will love the images in this travel calendar, The Golden Age of Travel. It features 12 months of vintage travel inspired images by artist Johanna Kriesel. Whether you are the traveller or someone else you know is, this magnificent calendar will make an affordable, TOP-RATED GIFT choice.

If someone you know CRUISES, you might also enjoy the my page, The Best Practical  Cruise Gift Idea, which you can reach by clicking right here.


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Vera Bradley Fabric Tote Folkloric

iconVera Bradley fabric totes are wonderful gifts. I have several tote bags and I use them all the time for several different purposes. They are great for holding your notes, notebooks, and pens if you are going to a meeting. Vera Bradley totes make toting your books to and from the library very easy. They are even handy for light grocery shopping. College students could make good use of Vera Bradley bags too.

Maybe you need a good looking bag to hold your knitting or other sewing. The other day when I was in Starbucks there was a group of 4 or 5 women sitting in a group knitting and chatting. They each had a great looking bag to hold their yarn and the things they needed.

When you are shopping for the women in your life consider a Vera Bradly bag. They are pretty, practical, and sure to be appreciated!

Vera Bradley bags have several matching accessories available too, such as this hard-shell eyeglasses case.  If you don't wear glasses it can be used for jewelry or medicines while traveling.    Buy a Vera Bradley  tote bag and fill it up with goodies for your lady friend. 


If your intended recipient is a reader consider tucking a Nook inside a beautiful Vera Bradley Bag. What a great gift!
The All-New Nook! The Simple Touch Reader just for $139 - Buy Now at!
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