Jim Shore's Circus Figurine Collection

Fans of the circus will love these wonderful and whimsical figures by Jim Shore.

Jim Shore's circus collection includes a number of figurines from this wonderful balancing elephant to a fortune teller, a ringmaster, and more.

The elephant measures about 6 inches wide by 8.75 inches long and 9 inches tall.  A Definitely a TOP-RATED GIFT idea for anyone who loves the circus!


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Vera Bradley Tote

Vera Bradley Blue Lagoon Tote
This is the Vera Bradley Blue Lagoon Tote. Vera Bradley Totes are loved because of their sturdy construction and of course, their stylish beauty. Vera Bradley fabrics are bold and beautiful.

Vera Bradley totes have a 12 1/2 inch strap which makes them great for shoulder bags.  Backpacks are fine for some uses but when you want something classy-looking one of the Vera Bradley totes is the way to go.

As you can see the Vera Bradley Blue Lagoon Tote
iconis beautiful inside and out.  It has 3 interior pockets to help keep things organized.  This is a great gift for a lady friend who has everything, or the student returning to school.

Vera Bradley Blue Lagoon Toteicon

A Dozen Roses Bracelet

The dozen roses bracelet holds 12 perfectly crafted red roses in full bloom and set in 24kt gold. How can you go wrong with red roses and 24kt gold? It's a gorgeous gift for the one you love.
The reason that red roses are so popular on Valentine's day is because they represent love. Fresh red roses are wonderful but they do not last. The Dozen Roses Bracelet will forever be a reminder of your love.
Birthdays or engagements are both appropriate occasions for giving the Dozen Rose Bracelet.  Of course, "just because" is a great option too.

Dozen Roses Bracelet
Or click on the image above to purchase your bracelet.

Hallmark's A Century of Caring Book

If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves Hallmark products and movies, look no further than this attractive coffee-table sized book about the history of the Hallmark company.

This book covers 100 years in the history of the Hallmark company beginning with an introduction from Maya Angelou and going on to cover both the good times and the bad and it IS interesting.

Hallmark's A Century of Caring is definitely a TOP-RATED GIFT CHOICE in my book. An interesting bonus is a free movie, The Magic of Ordinary Days, which you will find 'secretly' tucked in the back of this book.


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Make Personalized Guitar Picks with the Pick Punch!

Is there a hard-to-buy-for musician in your life? You're in luck because we have the perfect gift for your guitar or bass player! The Pick Punch allows your musician to create a custom pick for guitar, bass, banjo, or other stringed instrument. Punch a pick out of an old credit card or driver's license, or even a discarded gift card or hotel check-in card - a perfect memento of a special vacation or a great gig! Any heavy-duty plastic about the weight of a credit card will punch into a great new, custom guitar pick!

The Pick Punch is an extremely heavy-duty metal product; it looks a bit like an overgrown hole punch. It will last to make thousands of custom, personalized picks for your player!

Once your player has enough custom picks that you're wondering what to do with them, or maybe with a really special commemorative pick, you can make your own guitar pick necklace - another great idea for the hard-to-buy for musician!

The Farm Chicks In The Kitchen Book

The Farm Chicks is a fun Country Living book for anyone who loves their kitchen and their home and who likes a slight country and/or vintage feel.

It all started with an annual sale of antique and vintage items in a barn, which has, apparently, grown to be a pretty big deal. (The sale, that is.) I'd love to go but as a resident of Canada, I don't see that happening any too soon.

The sales are so popular that people do come from near and far but, to appeal to their fans, the creators of the sale wrote a couple of books...with The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen being one of them.

If someone you know loves the sale or the style, they will undoubtedly love the books, which share decorating, craft and cooking ideas and which I declare a TOP-RATED GIFT IDEA for Country Living fans.


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Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton Movie Collection

The Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton movie collection would make a great gift for any fan of either of these iconic actors.

The boxed set includes four movies: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, The V.I.P.s, The Sandpiper and The Comedians that are all films that Taylor and Burton filmed together in the 1960s.

Taylor received an Academy Award for her role in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, which makes this a great choice for anyone who wants to be able to watch these movies again or even for the first time.


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Elizabeth Taylor's My Love Affair With Jewelry

Fans of Elizabeth Taylor will love Elizabeth Taylor's My Love Affair with Jewelry. This book is a beautiful, oversize book that is filled with pictures of Elizabeth Taylor and of her jewelry collection.

True fans will also appreciate the text, written by Taylor herself, that tells the story of how she came to own each piece. From the first piece she ever purchased for her mother as a young girl with money she carefully saved up on her own to the opulent pieces presented to her by Richard Burton, they are all here.

If you are looking for an Elizabeth Taylor themed gift idea for someone in your life, I think that this book would be an amazing choice.


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