A Dinosaur T Shirt for your Dinosaur Fan

Little kids LOVE dinosaurs! When my kids were little they devoured dinosaur books and had a lot of dinosaur toys. They would have loved a dinosaur pet if that had been possible. Since it wasn't, they had to settle for dinosaur t shirts and dinosaur toys. Make your dinosaur lover happy and get them a new dinosaur t-shirt. I like this dinosaur shirt because the dinosaur bones start out on the front and wrap around to the back. The big long neck is on the front and the back half of the dinosaur is on the back.

Sauropod (Long-Neck) Dinosaur T-Shirt shirt
Sauropod (Long-Neck) Dinosaur T-Shirt by opentheshutter
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This is a great shirt for Tyrannosaurus fans.

T-rex! shirt
T-rex! by jerrylofaro
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A cute dinosaur t shirt for your T-Rex fan!

Infant T-Shirt shirt
Infant T-Shirt by PaulStickland
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This is the book that started the dinosaur craze at our house. It is a wonderful, simple, colorful book for young children. It is a great companion gift to go with a dinosaur t shirt.

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs

Men's Titanium Necklace - Because Your Guy Deserves the Best!

Titanium Men's 7MM Link Necklace Chain 20

Buying a gift for the man in your life can be a challenge.  Titanium necklaces are an easy solution.  Wearing jewelry expresses his personality. He can add a chain necklace to a tailored shirt or a tee for a look unique to him. Men's jewelry is a great way to update his tired wardrobe.
Phil, an Amazon reviewer in Virginia, bought this necklace for himself. He said, "I recently purchased the 28" Titanium Men's 7mm Link necklace. It's extremely handsome, is very smooth and doesn't pinch. I needed a very strong necklace and clasp. I can't imagine any piece of jewelry to be stronger than this. It suited my needs perfectly and the price was right. I own no jewelry with the exception of my wedding ring. I plan to wear this necklace everyday it's so comfortable. It actually looks better in real life than in the Amazon photo, and I think that image looks quite nice."

Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet, A Family Friendly Movie

National Velvet

If you have never seen National Velvet, you really should lay your hands on a copy and set aside a couple of hours to watch it. Released in 1944 when Elizabeth Taylor was just 12, it is a heartwarming story of a young girl who wins a difficult horse in a lottery. She then runs across a wayward youth (Mickey Rooney) who knows how to train horses. Together they get the horse ready for the Grand Nationals in England.

Grab a bowl of popcorn and watch this movie with your kids or grandkids. If you have a horse lover in the bunch, they will be sure to love National Velvet. This movie is very well priced at Amazon and a perfect stocking stuffer for a person who is crazy about horses.
It is interesting to see the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor in a movie where she is young and innocent, and also the young Angela Lansbury who plays Velvet's sister.

For the dedicated horse movie fan here is another way to purchase National Velvet. It comes here packaged with 3 other classic horse movies.

Classic Horse Favorites: 4 Film Favorites (Black Beauty / The Story of Seabiscuit / National Velvet / International Velvet)

Boys PJs, Winter Sleepwear for Boys

I love this set of Wild Thing cotton pajamas. The colors of chocolate brown and aqua are great and I like all the animals. Great pajamas for an animal lover. Elephants, lions, and monkeys, oh my!

Lazy One Wild Things Cotton Pajamas for Toddlers and Boys
Lazy One Wild Things Cotton Pajamas for Toddlers and Boys

The chilly nights are coming soon and we will all want to be outfitted with warm snuggly pajamas like these Wild Thing boys PJs. They are snug fitting and 100% cotton for safety and warmth.
Click this link for pajamas for the entire family:
Fun Sleepwear for the Whole Family
For more wonderful pajamas for boys click here:
Boy's Sleepwear and Pajamas
and here:
Fall and Winter Sleepwear for Boys

Don't forget the cute animal slippers! Click on this banner to see a great selection of slippers for the whole family:

A 'Sweet' New Ritz Cupcake Apron

Cupcake fans will definitely want this new Ritz cupcake apron that I just discovered on Amazon. It is a 100 percent cotton twill apron, machine washable of course, which is done in a very appealing cupcake print on a blue background. There is just something so 'sweet' about it, pun intended.

It is a perfect gift for anyone who is in love with cupcakes and, best of all, it is priced at less than $20 on Amazon. Add to your order a couple of packages of sprinkles or a cupcake cookbook, and Amazon will ship your purchases to you for FREE.

Quick Links:

Order this cupcake apron from Amazon.
Find lots more cupcake aprons on Crazy About Cupcakes? Tie on a Cupcake Apron!

PONYO: A Top-Rated Movie For Young Children

Anyone who is looking for an excellent movie choice for young children need look no further than Ponyo.  A masterfully animated Japanese film from Hayao Miyazaki and Disney and the Studio Ghibli, it is a lovely and gentle movie, perfect for gift giving.

Sometimes, however, a movie alone seems a little lacking in the gift giving sense and, in this case, Disney has solved the problem for us by providing a beautiful Ponyo DVD and plush gift set.

The Ponyo gift set includes the two-disc special edition DVD and a plush Ponyo. If you've seen the movie, you will be able to understand how wonderful it will be to actually own a plush Ponyo.

Click here to read my full review of Ponyo.
Click here to order your Ponyo DVD Plush Gift Set from Amazon.

Record Your Own Message - Your.Minder Alarm Clock

Your. Minder Personal Alarm Clock With Power Supply - Record up to (6) of Your OWN Alarm Messages

One of the hottest new alarm clocks available!  Imagine an alarm clock that speaks to you in your own voice.  You can set this one to remind yourself of appointments or to repeat affirmations in your voice.  The possibilities are endless.

Are you a grandparent?  Give this one to your grandchild and pre-set it with your voice.  Imagine your grandchild hearing you wake him in the morning.  

Trying to lose weight?   Use the personal alarm messages to motivate yourself.

This self-recording alarm clock will be enjoyed by children and adults.  Teens will use it to record reminders of important tests and reports - and parties!

How would you use the personal reminder alarm clock? 

Convenient Card Shuffling Machine

Automatic 4 Deck Card Shuffler Includes Free 4 Decks Bicycle Red Playing Cards

Do your grandparents play cards with their friends?  This 4 Deck Card Shuffler is a thoughtful birthday gift or stocking stuffer.  And it does come with 4 free decks of cards!  So if your grandparents play bridge or gin rummy or poker with their friends, you can make their game time more fun with this shuffler.  And I bet their friends will appreciate it, too!

L J Howell, an Amazon reviewer said, "Being in our 70s, we both have arthritis and carpal tunnel in our hands. That makes card suffling very difficult and painful. Our old shuffler finally wore out and we replaced it with this one. It works fine and we are happy with the product."

The Best Harry Potter Gift Ideas

The best Harry Potter gift ideas, assuming one already own the books and the movies, may just be a few magnificent collectibles including but not limited to the very popoular TriWizard Cup lamp as shown here. Fans of Harry Potter love the fact that the Tri-Wizard lamp is both decorative and useful at the same time.

If the lamp is not quite what you are after, you might consider a very popular wand from the Noble Collection or a Wizarding World of Harry Potter wand from the brand-new Universal Studios theme park.

Of course another idea might be a book related to the Harry Potter series, like The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook or The Charmed Knits Harry Potter knitting book.

Lastly but not leastly is the possibility of a Harry Potter game. Our favorite is definitely Harry Potter Clue but true fans might enjoy the challenge of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Trivia Game.

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The best Harry Potter gift ideas.

Scary Movies For Tweens

Do you have a tween in your family with a birthday near Halloween? Are you looking for a great gift idea for him or her? Or maybe you just have a tween who is clamouring for a scary movie.  If you are looking for a scary movie that is scary but not too scary for tweens, I have put together a great list.

My son has an October birthday and really enjoyed having a Halloween themed birthday party. When he moved into his tween years I remember that he really, really wanted to show a scary movie but we felt that he was not ready for most of the horror movies that were available. What resulted was a search for a movie that was scary but not too scary for pre-teens.

We found a few great older movies, like Creature From The Black Lagoon and Walt Disney's Watcher In The Woods and, more recently, we discovered Coraline is a great choice, as long as you check out the age recommendations first. Even Coraline can be disturbing for some tweens. If in doubt, I say read as much as you can about the age recommendations for a movie and consider previewing it for your children.

A Halloween movie birthday party for tweens IS a great idea. Just be sure you know the age appropriateness of the movie you pick. Most horror movies are simply not suitable for children who are pre-teens.

Quick Links:

Not Too Scary Movies For Tweens or Pre-Teens on Halloween

Tim Tebow Denver Broncos Replica Jerseys

Now, here's a gift any sports fan will love.  Tim Tebow's #15 replica jersey is the most sought-after, bestselling NFL jersey at the start of the 2010 NFL season.  Help your entire family, from kids to the biggest Tebow fan, show their support for the Denver Broncos and, especially, for Tim Tebow with the gift of a replica Reebok jersey.

With its sewn on name, number, team wordmarks and logos, as well as the Reebok name, you can be assured that you're getting a quality product.  The shirt is made from heavy-duty polyester mesh blend with nylon dazzle sleeves Choose youth or adult sizes in navy blue, orange, or white.

Go Broncos! Go Tim Tebow!

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Tim Tebow Jersey: Reebok Navy Replica #15 Denver Broncos Jersey SZ M (48)
Click here to see the entire selection of Tim Tebow Broncos #15 Jerseys

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