Stylishly Exciting Laptop Bag

Learn More about this Mango Tango Bag

Whether she is boarding a plane, attending an important meeting, or going on vacation, your lady will love carrying her laptop in such style!  Everybody loves polka dots!   This delightful laptop bag includes it's own adapter pouch, elasticized straps inside to keep her laptop in place, an inside zipper pocket and an outside pocket.   From Mango Tango, the company that is waging war against boring and providing gorgeous laptop bags for women everywhere.  Click the link for more information and more colorful, stylish bags!

Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote by Built, French Bull Multi Dot Pattern

Polka Dot Lunch Tote

This cute lunch tote looks so much nicer than a brown paper bag or a plastic grocery bag. It is made from stain-resistant neoprene with no vinyl or PVC used, and it is lead-free. It is reusable and washable and has a large zippered pocket with a smaller pocket inside. Throw in an ice pack and this insulated tote keeps your food cold. Customers report that it expands easily to hold tupperware, is soft yet sturdy, and holds everything they need for lunch.
With a nice lunch tote like this you can pack healthy, nutritious lunches for your children to take to school. It would be great to take to work as well. Save money and eat better by packing your lunches. To buy this adorable lunch tote from Amazon at 16% off, click here:
Built Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote, French Bull Multi Dot Pattern

To see more cute lunch totes by Built, click here.

Presidential Pets Jigsaw Puzzle

The Presidential Pets jigsaw puzzle is a reproduction of the picture that First Lady Laura Bush commissioned Howard Robinson to create for President Bush 's 60th birthday.

It would make a lovely gift for anyone who follows the lives of the Bush family, for anyone who loves dogs and for anyone who loves jigsaw puzzles.

Miss Beazley and Barney, the former White House dogs, are depicted in this attractive 550-piece jigsaw puzzle from White Mountain.

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Read more about the Presidential Pets jigsaw puzzle.
Order your Presidential Pets jigsaw puzzle from Amazon.

JanSport Big Student Classics Series Daypack, Back to School

Jansport Backpack

This JanSport Big Student Classic Series Daypack gets very good customer reviews on Amazon and is a top rated gift because it is sturdy, lightweight and comfortable. Customers report that it has pockets that make for easy organizing, the colors are beautiful, the straps don't cut into your shoulders, and the price is great. Some customers have liked it so much that they have bought more than one.
Kids will be heading back to school before we know it and will need a good back pack to keep all their school things together. This one comes in several different colors and patterns suitable for both guys and girls. The JanSport backpacks are popular for a very good reason. JanSport has been around for quite a while and is known for quality products. Make sure you order yours early in time for the start of school.
Click here to order your JanSport Daypack:
JanSport Big Student Classics Series Daypack

To see a great selection of JanSport Backpacks click HERE.

Weber's Big Book of Grilling

Weber's Big Book of GrillingWeber's Big Book of Grilling certainly delivers. It is lavishly illustrated with great food photos and it is full of recipes for beef, soup, turkey, seafood, vegetables, appetizers, sides, and even desserts! Some of the recipes such as Lobster Tails with Champagne Vanilla Sauce sound absolutely decadent. You can also find recipes for more familiar grilling favorites such as barbecue sauce, rubs, Beer Can Chicken and several different variations on S'mores. Weber's Big Book of Grilling includes charts, guides and advice on whether to get a gas grill or a charcoal grill. This book is a great gift for the person who does the grilling at your house! You will easily find some new favorite recipes for the grill in Weber's Big Book of Grilling.You can save 34% off the list price by following this link to purchase it at Amazon:
Weber's Big Book of GrillingWeber's Big Book of Grilling

The Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote Control

The Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote Control is the answer to your search for a top-rated gift for the movie-loving man in your life as well as the solution for taking control of the remote controls in your home.

Unlike previous universal remote controls, this one is easily programmed from your computer. It will take the place of up to five remote controls and can draw from over 5,000 brands and over 225,000 devices. The 650 is also designed to be forward compatible meaning that the new electronic components you buy in the next few years will be programmable onto it, as well.

If you are like most of us and tired of scrambling for the appropriate selection of remote controls in order to watch your program or movie, you should definitely consider a universal remote control. It is a perfect gift for any technology enthusiast and a particularly good gift idea for Dad for his birthday, for Christmas or for Father's Day.

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Read more about the Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote Control.
Order your Logitech Harmony 650 from Amazon.

Betty White 2011 Wall Calendar

Betty White 2011 Wall Calendar
Betty White is hot, hot, hot and her fans can't get enough of her. She's classy, she's funny, she's nearly 90 years young, and last year she became America's favorite pin-up girl.  Now fans can look forward to new episodes of their own Betty White show for 12 months - on a collectible calendar.

New fans know Betty White from her popular 2010 Super Bowl Snicker's commercial, her guest-host spot on Saturday Night Live, and now her starring role on the TV series Hot in Cleveland. Older fans remember Betty as Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, her hilarious role in Golden Girls, as a regular on the game show Password, and in dozens of roles in both comedies and dramas over the last 50 years. But none of her fans know her the way they'll get to know her in the 12 hot pictures in this fun fan calendar.

What a great Christmas stocking stuffer gift for fans of all ages. Don't be left out!  Grab a Betty White calendar now, while it's still available.  Note that Betty's royalties from the sale of her calendar go to her favorite charity, the Morris Animal Foundation.

Green Grocery Bag Set

Horses and Horse Grocery BAG SET 5 Pieces 2 Insulated Zippered Bags and 3 Sturdy Shopping Bags in Designer Prints Gift Idea

This beautiful 5 Piece Earth Friendly Grocery Bag Set is a super gift any woman will appreciate - especially those friends and relatives who strive to be eco-friendly. This collection of bags includes three designer-print reusable shopping bags and two insulated designer-print shopping bags.

Your gift recipient is sure to keep these handy -- in the car or right at the door -- for quick use.   This is a gift that will be used constantly all through the year.  Easy to carry as a shoulder bag and the perfect size -- not too heavy for her to carry!

In fact, you will want a set for yourself too!

A Mother's Pendant for a New Mom

Looking for a gift for a new mom? This gorgeous baby shoes and heart pendant is an absolutely perfect new mother gift, especially for a first-time new mom. We love this!

The pendant is a 10k white gold heart with an adorable pair of white gold baby shoes hanging from a bow in the middle. The heart is encrusted with tiny round diamonds. The pendant is almost an inch in height. A delicate, understated rope chain is included and the necklace will arrive ready for presentation in a lovely gift box.

If your favorite new mom likes jewelry, look no further. She'll absolutely love and cherish this pendant forever.

Folding Pocket Magnifier

Conveniently slips into pocket or purse. Magnifies up to 9x.

Folding Pocket Magnifier

This powerful little magnifier is a great gift for stamp collectors, crafters, model builders or anyone with low vision. And it folds conveniently out of the way when you are not using it. There are two optical quality lenses magnifying 4x or 5x when used alone, and providing a big 9x when used together.

Best Dog Grooming Tool - A Great Gift for a Pet Owner

Now, here's a gift that a pet owner will love. It's the new, improved FURminator, the de-shedding tool that's absolutely amazing. It's a must-have grooming tool for a dog owner, especially if the dog is a breed with shedding problems, such as my Labrador retriever Daisy, German shepherds, huskies, and more (you know one if you have one).

The FURminator is more than just a dog brush. It works on both long and short-haired dogs by grabbing and removing loose and undercoat hair. The customer reviews of both the original and now the new FURminator with FURejector button are excellent. We own the original FURminator and it works great on Daisy, gently pulling out unbelievable amounts of undercoat and leaving her coat shiny and gorgeous. She loves it, too, as most dogs do. When I heard about the FURejector button on the improved version of the tool I was skeptical, but comments by satisfied customers have convinced me that an upgrade is in order. Besides the button that ejects the fur (which by all accounts works well and truly is a convenience) the handle has a different, more comfortable design that dog owners and groomers really like.

The FURminator can reduce your pet's shedding by up to 90 percent, a huge help to those with allergies and those who dislike sweeping up piles of hair every day (raising my hand here). When we brush Daisy with the FURminator on a regular basis, it's very easy to tell a difference in the amount of hair that is shed in the house (she's an indoor dog). Besides, it makes her feel good and look extra pretty.

The FURminator is available in three sizes and is also available for cats.

See the new FURminator with FURejector and read customer reviews here.
Check availability of the original FURminator (still a good tool) here.
See the FURminator for cats here.

Maxfield Parrish Posters and Prints

Maxfield Parrish was an artist of the American Golden Age of Illustration and was a contemporary of Norman Rockwell and Howard Pyle. He is known for his use of light and color, especially the color blue. There is actually a color named after him called Parrish Blue. He painted in the early 1900's and his work includes whimsical, detailed landscapes, magazine covers, book illustrations and advertising art. Maxfield Parrish painted several works for the House of Art who distributed his work as art prints. This made his art much more affordable and accessible and he became quite popular. The popularity of Maxfield Parrish paintings and prints endures today. I was lucky enough to view a collection of his original paintings in an art gallery in San Francisco several years ago. Very impressive! You can own an affordable piece of Maxfield Parrish artwork today.

Daybreak - by Maxfield Parrish mousepad
Daybreak - by Maxfield Parrish by Aquavel
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Air Castles, Maxfield Parrish card
Air Castles, Maxfield Parrish by vintagetreasurechest
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View more Maxfield parrish Mousepads
The art of Maxfield Parrish is available on posters, mouse pads, magnets, cards and postage stamps. These are very special top rated gifts for Maxfield Parrish fans.

Quick Link:
Purchase Maxfield Parrish art HERE
See more Maxfield Parrish items HERE.

Little Pink Drill

Little Pink Drill 18V- 10% Donated to Breast Cancer Research!

For the lady Ms. Fix-It, this little pink drill is a delight -- and the men in her life will not borrow this one! The drill has its own carrying case, pink of course, and comes with six drill bits and six screwdriver bits. Cordless, rechargeable and lightweight, the little pink drill is 18V.

Amazon Reviewer Sara Hamer said, "Although, the color was one of the top reasons for choosing this drill- Don't let the color fool you. It is a great drill. It has enough power, without being too heavy. I love the fact that it comes with 2 rechargable batteries- My husband was even jealous of this drill's performance- Of course, he can't be seen using it! :) Which is a definite plus- I will never have to dig thru his tools to find it!"

Christmas in July Gift Ornament

America's Flag Design Hand-Painted Heavy Glass Ornament
Happy July! Are you ready for Christmas? Just kidding, but it is fun to celebrate Christmas in July and this gorgeous patriotic ornament would make a perfect patriotic gift!

Made by Bellissimo! this is a heavy glass ornament, handpainted using a specially-formulated nontoxic paint, fired twice to insure durability. This "America's Flag" design is a favorite and is available on a wide variety of different Bellissimo! pieces. So while you're celebrating Independence Day, include this pretty piece for your 4th of July tree!

Bellissimo! glass is collectible with each piece individually signed by the artist. You'll find our featured America's Flag glass ornament here. See more of the Bellissimo! America's Flag collection here.

Happy holidays!
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