The Flip Camcorder Ultra

My hat is off to my friend, BarbRad, who introduced me this week to her Flip Camcorder when I read her review on her page, Why I love my Flip Camcorder. Barb did such a beautiful job of recommending this camcorder that I have determined it is the one I would like to have.

The Flip is a small camcorder that will fit in your pocket and is easy to use because it has one-touch recording and zoom. It will record 120 minutes of video on the 4 GB of memory built into the camera, which means you do not have to deal with tapes or memory cards. It has a USB plug built into it, which plugs directly into your computer. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Barb confirms in her review, that it is so.

The Flip is an affordable video camera, listing right now for just under $120 on Amazon. I find Amazon prices competitive and I like the fact that they offer FREE shipping!

The Flip Camcorder would make an amazing gift for anyone who is looking for a compact video camera that can also take still photos.  What a great gift for those men in your life that are hard to buy for! I also think it would be an amazing gift for any teenager who is interested in drama and filming their own videos for YouTube or maybe even such a teenager's mom...

Quick Links:

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