Give a Reminder to Slow Down and Relax

We all rush around entirely too much. We need to take a few moments for ourselves, to relax, to believe, to become and just to be. This mug will be a loving reminder from you to your friends - to slow down and enjoy the moments. And get one for yourself - you deserve a break, too!

Ty Beanie Baby Max & Ruby Set

Ty Beanie Baby Max & Ruby Set

If your child likes the Max and Ruby books they will love the Max and Ruby Ty Beanie Baby Set. Max and Ruby will be great additions to the Easter Baskets! Look for the heart shaped tag to be sure that you have an authentic Ty product. From the manufacturer, "Max loves trucks, mud, candy, and his big sister, Ruby! Ruby loves shopping, tea parties, and helping her little brother, Max!" Pick up this adorable Max and Ruby Ty Beanie Baby set today!

Anne Frank's Diary

Anne Frank's Diary was a small checkered notebook that locked. According to the 1959 movie, she received it on one of the first days that the family was in hiding in The Annex in Amsterdam.  Seems to me that she may have received it under different circumstances in the book.

Anyway, I have searched and searched for a similar diary without any success which is a shame but I did find two interesting red diaries here as choices for you if you are looking for a diary to take the place of Anne Frank's Diary.

If you have a young lady who enjoyed Anne Frank's story in book or movie form, you might want to choose the less expensive but still quite nice one of the two.  CR Gibson's one-year diary (shown below) is a very nice option and it is an affordable choice. It features a quilted vinyl cover that is called 'bombshell red' and special construction so that it will lie flat. It features two days per page and is perfect for recording thoughts and special occasions.

The second choice is the deluxe leather model shown at the top of this page and it is very nice, complete with a heart-shaped, working lock.  It features archival, acid-free pages that are trimmed with gilt.  A beautiful choice, it would make an amazing journal.

Either one of these journals combined with a copy of The Diary of Anne Frank book or movie, would make a very memorable gift.

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Buy the Gibson diary on Amazon.
Read my review of The Diary of Anne Frank (1959) movie.

Pillivuyt Porcelain Asparagus Drainer and Server

Springtime is asparagus time where I live and I cannot wait for the first tender spears of asparagus to appear at the local farmer's market.

The Pillivuyt factory in France makes classic and unusual porcelain pieces of the highest quality. They use old-time craftsmanship combined with modern techniques to create unique items for today’s cooks.

Imported from France for us by a seller on Amazon, this top-quality porcelain asparagus drainer is oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. It is a practical piece, is simple and elegant at the same time, plus it is lead and cadmium free.

Asparagus is a key ingredient in my Easter dinner menu and the Pillivuyt porcelain asparagus drainer and server would make a beautiful presentation piece on any Easter table.  A top-rated gift choice for springtime, for Easter or a for wedding or wedding shower.

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Buy the Pillivuyt Porcelain asparagus drainer and server from Amazon.
See my complete Easter dinner menu.

The Best Asparagus Pot or Steamer

Cooking asparagus in an asparagus pot is the best method as it allows the tougher end part of the asparagus to boil in the water while the rest is steamed.

If you love asparagus, you might want to invest in an asparagus pot.  This one, the All-Clad stainless asparagus pot with steamer basket, is Amazon's top-rated asparagus pot. It is a tall, thin 2-quart cooker, ideal for cooking asparagus perfectly. Made of a high-quality 18/10 stainless steel with a polished inside and satin outside.

Extensive details about this pot are available on Amazon by clicking right here but in short let me say that it is Amazon's bestselling, top-rated pot and that it comes with a solid warranty.

Amazon customer Esther Schindler said, "I'd wanted an asparagus pot for years, but somehow could never bring myself to purchase one. Who needs another single-purpose item? Just how much asparagus do I think I'm going to eat? Yet, as others have pointed out, this is less a one-item pot than it initially seems. It'll be perfect for a couple of ears of corn on the cob, for hard-boiling eggs, and for steaming a few artichokes."

Another top-rated kitchen tool for the cook in your life or, for even, for you.

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Visit my traditional Easter dinner menu plan.

Recipes For Asparagus

Asparagus lovers rejoice; it is almost asparagus season. If you are looking for some fantastic recipes for asparagus, check out this cookbook, The Asparagus Festival Cookbook, which was written by Jan Moore, Barbara Hafly and Glenda Hushaw and which promises many wonderful, top-rated recipes.

This asparagus cookbook was written after the first hugely successful three-day Asparagus Festival in Stockton, California in 1986.

The festival attracts a huge crowd of asparagus lovers every year in April where the highlight no doubt is ‘Asparagus Alley.’ Under the big tent, cooks prepare this delicious, nutritious vegetable for the crowds.

The Asparagus Festival Cookbook shares many of the prize-winning recipes from the cook-offs over the years. It would make a wonderful Easter time or springtime gift for the cook in your life.

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Buy this collection of recipes for asparagus from Amazon for just $5.95.

Reed and Barton Rabbit Easter Napkin Ring

Looking for a unique Easter or springtime gift? How about an heirloom-quality Reed and Barton rabbit napkin ring?

A non-tarnishing napkin ring, it is a fine silver plated piece, which features an adorable rabbit clutching a carrot. This figural piece is intricately designed and measures 4.25 inches tall.

A beautiful item that Amazon has discounted by more than 60 percent, it will ship for free.

It would make a beautiful and lasting Easter, hostess or baby gift. Perfect as well for any rabbit collector’s collection.

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Organic Baby Cupcake Clothing

Is there going to be a new baby in your life? Perhaps a child of your own? A grandchild? A niece? If you are you looking for an absolutely AMAZING baby shower gift, I think this sweet cupcakes 100 percent organic baby gift basket would be perfect. A word of caution, in case you do not already know, is that organic clothing is expensive.

However, if organic is the route you are taking for this new baby, then this is a beautiful choice. This set includes a hooded towel and washcloth, a short-sleeved onesie, leggings, socks, two Velcro closure bibs and a reversible blanket all featuring a fun and trendy pink cupcake theme.

Best of all, you can order this set through Amazon and it will be delivered to the new baby's home already gift wrapped with a large pink bow. How convenient, particularly for someone who needs to send a baby gift across the country.

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Order this wonderful baby cupcake clothing giftset from Amazon.
Visit my page full of pretty and pink little girls cupcake clothing.

Walt Disney Treasures - The Complete Davy Crockett Televised Series (1956)

This DVD set contains the original five Davy Crockett TV episodes from the early 1950's starring Fess Parker and Buddy Ebson. Many of us Baby Boomers who grew up watching Davy Crockett would love to share these wholesome shows with our grandchildren. This color presentation has not been colorized. The original series aired in black and white but it was shot in color with an eye to the future. Snap up a copy of this top-rated gift today and combine it with the coonskin cap below for a fantastic gift!

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Walt Disney Treasures - The Complete Davy Crockett Televised Series

Coonskin Cap just like Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone

If you are of the Baby Boomer generation you will remember coonskin caps. All the boys wanted a coonskin cap just like Davy Crockett. This was made popular by the Disney TV show starring Buddy Ebson and Fess Parker who later went on to also play Daniel Boone.
My husband at the age of 9 went up on stage at Egelston Square Theater in Boston and sang the Davy Crockett song ("Born on a mountain top in Tennessee...") and was thrilled to win a coonskin cap.
This is a great gift for a little boy's Easter basket!

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Daniel Boone Coontail Cap

Spring Love Skin for Kindle and Your Other Favorite Electronic Gadgets

Spring is in the air! Time to shop for cool new springtime apparel. While you're at it, why not dress up your Kindle, your ipod, and your other electronic gadgets?

This bright skin is called "Spring Love" and would look great on your Kindle 2 or Kindle DX, your blackberry, your ipod, even on your Wii. At iStyles you'll find the skin to fit these and other devices, plus you'll find literally thousands of other designs to suit your gadgets as well as your personality.

In case you aren't familiar with iStyles skins, they consist of a design printed on a removable adhesive-backed cast vinyl and then covered with a clear protective layer for ultimate durability. They're thin, but they're tough and help to protect the device from dirt and from wear. And, in case you haven't noticed, they're cute, too. At under $20, buy one for every season!

Give this skin as a gift and be assured of brightening up the recipient's day. Need a more subtle or more manly design or something in a different color? Just visit the iStyles website and have fun choosing from their amazing selection.

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See every skin for every gadget at iStyles

Tupperware Rectangular Cake and Cupcake Taker

The Tupperware Rectangular Cake and Cupcake Taker is one of the BEST cake carriers out there.  If you have someone on your gift giving list who bakes a lot of cakes and cupcakes, you just might want to consider gifting him or her with this top-rated kitchen tool.

Owners everywhere love it because it makes transporting cakes and cupcakes so easy.  The base is reversible. One side (shown) holds 18 cupcakes and the other side, which is flat, holds a single- or double-layer rectangular cake.

Even if you don't carry cakes to school events, church outings, picnics or parties, this top-quality Tupperware product is perfect for keeping your baked goods fresh.

This cake taker works like a charm, is sturdy, dishwasher friendly and, perhaps most importantly, backed by Tupperware's LIFETIME warranty. 

To read a complete review of the Tupperware Rectangular Cake and Cupcake Taker, click here. To place your order on Amazon, just follow the link shown below.

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Order your Tupperware Rectangular Cake and Cupcake Carrier from Amazon.
A Tupperware Rectangular Cake and Cupcake Taker Review.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Cookie Bouquet

A cookie bouquet filled with St. Patrick's day goodies right down to the green beer! A hand decorated pot of gold cookie along with leprechauns, shamrocks and a rainbow complete the St. Patty's day cookie bouquet. Each cookie is carefully hand decorated by a cookie artist, carefully packed, and then shipped out to the customer. What a unique and delicious way to say Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick`s Day

Quick Link:
Gourmet Cookie Bouquets for All Occasions

A Bonnie Jean Cupcake Dress

A pretty Bonnie Jean cupcake dress, this one is perfect for your little girl in the spring and summer months ahead.

Not just pretty but practical, too, as she will be able to wear this lovely dress on a multitude of occasions including birthday parties, Easter egg hunts, church, picnics, tea parties and even to school.

This little girls cupcake-themed dress has a sweetheart neckline trimmed with red piping and a band around the empire style waist that features smocked cupcakes. It fastens in the back with a zipper and comes with a bloomer or panty.

Available in sizes 0 to 4T, I think it is absolutely adorable. Plus, Amazon has it nicely discounted at almost 30 percent off and it qualifies for FREE shipping.

What more could you ask? This Bonnie Jean dress is perfect or any little girl and, if you happen to have two daughters, perfect for matching sister dresses, too!  And oh yes, did I say that it is machine washable?!?

Quick Links:

Visit Pretty and Pink Little Girls Cupcake Clothing Takes The Cake to see a collection of little girls cupcake dresses, t-shirts, skirts and pants.

The Manga Cookbook

The Manga Cookbook teaches international readers about Japanese cuisine. It was created by Manga University for fans who have wondered what the manga characters were eating in the comic books that they love to read. Adults as well and children will enjoy learning how to make popular Japanese dishes. Everything is explained step by step with comic illustrations. The Japanese are very concerned with the presentation of the dish and that comes through in this cookbook. The Manga Cookbook covers beautiful Japanese garnishing tricks as well as basic recipes for steamed rice and noodles. A few reviewers complain that some of the ingredients called for and some of the instructions are vague, but over all it gets great reviews and has reached the top of Amazon's list of Japanese cookbooks. If you know a manga fan that likes to cook, surprise them with this unique and fun cookbook!

Quick Link:
The Manga Cookbook

Sports Spectacles

The perfect gift for the spectator in the family. These binocular glasses are great for football games, horse races and even golf tournaments. This set of binoculars are worn like glasses, thus leaving the hands free. Each side can be individually focused to meet the needs of each eye. Designed for distance viewing, they offer powerful 2.8X magnification, and are made with quality optics. Neck chain and carrying case included.

Sports Spectacles

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Purse or Tote Bag

If you are interested in the movies, you will know only too well that Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland movie was released this week.  If someone you know is a fan of Disney, Tim Burton, Johnny Depp or Alice in Wonderland, you may be searching for a top-rated gift item from the movie.  I am pleased to be able to say I have found three absolutely AMAZING Alice in Wonderland purses and they are definitely top-rated in my mind. Plus they are all easily ordered from Amazon and will ship with FREE shipping.

What do you think? These bags are extremely attractive and practical, too! Definitely a hot gift item this year.

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Order the Mad Hatter purse from Amazon.
Order the Alice in Wonderland purse or tote bag from Amazon.
Order Disney's Red Queen Alice in Wonderland Tote Bag from Amazon.

Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter: Outdoor Toy of the Year

Spring is almost here, which means more time for outdoor play. If you're looking for an outdoor toy for a child of toddler to preschool age, the "My 1st Scooter" made by Radio Flyer would be a perfect choice to help get him or her outside and active.

"My 1st Scooter" is available in red or pink. It's made with two wheels in the front for stability, perfect for a younger child who hasn't learned to balance a "big kid" scooter yet. In keeping with the Razor scooters that the big boys and girls ride, this cool "first scooter" folds for easy storage and transport.

This spring, get those kiddos scooting along in style by choosing the Outdoor Toy of the Year. Read more about Radio Flyer's "My 1st Scooter" here, or use the quick links below.

Quick Links:
See the Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter in Red
Or choose the My 1st Scooter in Pink
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