Hallmark Hall of Fame's A Dog Named Christmas Movie

A Dog Named Christmas is a wonderful Hallmark Hall of Fame television movie based on the novel of the same name by Greg Kincaid. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie which tells the story of a developmentally challenged young man who loves animals. He talks his father into fostering a dog over Christmastime and, of course, the family falls in love with the dog but according to the agreement between father and son, the dog must go back to the shelter on December 26th.

Hallmark has not made this movie widely available after its airing earlier this month. However, it is available from private sellers on Amazon at a premium by clicking right here.

Guaranteed to make you laugh, make you sad AND make you happy, this movie will make a wonderful gift for any family with an affinity for dogs. I think the book and the movie would make a wonderful gift set, one that can be enjoyed each and every Christmas.

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  1. You can also buy the movie directly at Hallmark.com, without paying any premium! Navigate to the page for Hallmark Hall of Fame. The book is also a wonderful gift! It should be available at most bookstores.


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