Wizard of Oz the Movie, A Top-Rated Movie Choice

Can there be a better movie gift this Christmas for the movie-loving females in your life than Wizard of Oz, the Movie? If they are anything like me, I say, "No!" This movie is a perfect choice for anyone who grew up watching it year after year after year, like I did and like many of my contemporaries did. I cannot wait to see it all polished and cleaned for the 70th Anniversary release and, of course, I am especially looking forward to seeing the blu-ray version.

As a matter of fact, I would be open to receiving a theme gift set featuring the Wizard of Oz. I have already said I would love the movie but if I am on your shopping list, you could add one of the great Wizard of Oz ornaments showcased here and, if you are taking notes Santa, you might want to be aware that I am particularly enamored with the Wicked Witch's Christmas stocking and Kurt Adler's ruby slippers.

I am not alone in my attachment to this movie and I am willing to bet that any Wizard of Oz fan would love to find this movie under the Christmas tree!

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A Blu-ray Wizard of Oz Gift Set

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