Eagle Creek Swerve 32

What a wonderful surprise it would be to find the Eagle Creek Swerve 32 under your Christmas tree! The Swerve is the suitcase two members of my family took to Europe this summer on our cruise holiday. The bag was amazing and did all that it was asked to do with no difficulties.

The Swerve 32 is manufactured by Eagle Creek, a company with a solid reputation for making quality luggage pieces. It is a wheeled duffle-style suitcase that can be carried as a backpack. (Although I'd be leaving doing that to someone younger than I am.)

It features 5,800 cubic inches of space which was enough room to easily hold about a weeks worth of clothing, including formal attire, with space to spare.

It starts off light at just over 8 pounds so when you fill it up you don't have to worry about it being overweight at the airport.

It happily wheeled along wherever we asked it to go. We had no difficulties with it in the airport, on the sidewalk or even on the cobblestones in Europe. Nothing we did was too much for this bag. I preferred the slightly longer and leaner shaping of the Swerve to that of the other bags we took. The slightly more streamlined sizing made it easier to maneuver.

Available in two colors, I have to say I prefer the green over the gray simply because the green instantly JUMPS out at you in a sea of other luggage. However, I am willing to admit that I find the color somewhat stylish, too!

For more information, read my page about The Swerve 32 by clicking right here or visit Amazon's page about the Eagle Creek Swerve 32 by clicking here.

If you have a traveller in your family, I have no hesitation in recommending the Eagle Creek Swerve 32. What an amazing Christmas gift this piece of luggage would be!

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