Beatles Remastered In Stereo and Mono Box Sets

The Beatles Remastered!

It has been a while since the Beatles created as much excitement as they did this year on September 9th when they released two remastered collections of their music. Almost instantaneously, both The Beatles Stereo Box Set and The Beatles Mono Box Set sold out.

You can bet that these exciting new box sets are going to appear on many Christmas wish lists this year as they appeal to everyone, from the long-time Beatles fans to the young crowd who knows and loves the Beatles, too. If you are buying a Beatles remastered set for someone in your life, you have two choices then, the stereo box set or the mono box set.

If your Beatles fan is a purist, you might want to choose the mono recordings so that the music is exactly as the Beatles recorded it. 'Mono' features the production of sound on one channel and is the way The Beatles recorded most of their albums. This set contains the first ten albums in re-mastered mono and a mono masters disc. To read more about the Beatles mono set, click here.

If, however, your Beatles fan is not a purist and prefers a more natural sound, you might want to choose the stereo boxed set. Stereo sound features the production of sound on two or more channels listened to through two or more speakers, which gives the more natural feeling of sound coming from various directions. The stereo set includes thirteen remastered albums and a past masters disc. To read more about the Beatles stereo set, click here.

Either set allows the listener to hear the Beatles like they have never heard them before!

If you do want to share some of this modern-day Beatlemania excitement with someone you love at Christmas time, you might want to consider ordering your Beatles boxed sets with Amazon now since both sets sold out on September 9th. Doing so will make sure you are already in line for a copy when the next copies become available!

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